YouTube Stars Of The Year !

By Radhika Gupta

YouTube has become a worldwide phenomenon with billions of people visiting the website every single day. Thousands of people post amusing videos regularly and many new stars are emerging from this platform. These entertaining videos never fail to capture the attention of many youtube users, mostly the youth. Here’s my pick on the most popular and my favourite YouTube Stars Of The Year:

1.       Ray William Johnson

ray william johnson on spotlight            

Ray William Johnson is undeniably one of the most popular stars in YouTube. With over 8 million subscribers and over 2 billion views, he has made himself into one of the most-watched YouTube stars. He is the host of his YouTube series “=3 (Equals three)”, and he reviews, analyses and criticizes some of the most viral videos and commercials on the Internet, and adds interesting comments to them afterwards. His videos are hilarious and it is no wonder that he is so popular! Check him out:


2.       Jenna Marbles

jenna mourney

Jenna Mourney, known popularly as Jenna Marbles, is certainly one of the most entertaining women on the Internet. She has over a hundred videos with more than 8 million subscribers as well. She is known for her frankness and honesty regarding many topics, and she easily manages to gain subscribers with her amusing videos. Her pet dogs Kermit and Mr Marbles frequently make special appearances in her videos. She’s incredibly funny and you will agree once you see this :


3.       Super Woman


Lilly Singh, more commonly known as Super Woman, is a popular Indian-Canadian youtube star. She posts many attention-grabbing videos about topics that interest the youth. Her fun personality endears her to viewers, and she is definitely one of my favourite YouTube stars!


4.       The Fine Brothers

The fine brothers

The Fine Brothers are famous in YouTube for their “Kids React”, “Teens React” and “Elders React” videos. The videos portray the reactions of a group of children, teenagers and the elderly when they see one of the most viral videos on YouTube. It’s a very interesting concept and the reactions are very amusing to watch!


5.       Shirley Setia

shirley sethia

Shirley Setia is an emerging Bollywood sensation on YouTube. She creates covers of many popular Bollywood songs, such as “Tum hi ho” from Aashiqui 2. Her voice is very unique and different as compared to most voices in Bollywood, and I feel that her voice is certainly one that is very beautiful.


Tell me, who is your favourite YouTube star?

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    (January 13, 2014 - 7:26 PM)

    Definitely Shirley Setia!

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