Women And The “Weight” Problem !

Women and Weight – A Perpetual Battle! Women have this never-ending and constant desire to achieve the “perfect” weight. Weight, for women, is almost like a measure of their worth! This is why we are extremely sensitive when it comes to our weight, for the same reason, we pay more attention to our appearances in general.


Personally I feel it is not about the kilos or about fitting in all kinds of clothes, but more about the overall look that matters. If you are healthy, then everything around you will automatically feel positive!

A few years back when I was barely 40 kg, I was often constantly pressurized by my family and friends to put on few kilos. Standing 5ft 2.5 inches tall, I currently weigh 47 kg and now I feel the need to shed 2-3 kilos! Is this not what you call a never-ending battle ?

Losing weight has always topped the list for urban women. But now things are taking a ‘U’ turn. A recent Spanish survey shows that thin women feel embarrassed and uneasy when they see themselves in a picture or video. Researchers co-led by Blanca Ortega-Roldan Oliva, who performed four experimental studies with 671 university students, concluded that men and women preferred females with a “normal” weight.

skinny or curvy?
Fitness trainers insist that like losing weight, adding few kilos is also a gradual process. Kunal Sharma, personal fitness trainer says, “Losing too much weight affects one’s heart, disturbs hormonal system and reduces the stamina. A balanced diet with regular exercise, proper intake of water and sufficient sleep is the secret.”

TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee feels that one needs to be comfortable with one’s body. “I don’t want to lose or add any more weight. Extremely thin or fat is always a problem and it doesn’t work in any case.” pratban

Model Alicia Raut says, “I have been always slim. People do comment about my weight. It did affect me initially, but not anymore. I religiously hit the gym to maintain myself.”

But men will be men. “I don’t like skinny girls. Being a Punjabi, I prefer girls who are on a healthier side,” says TV actor Karan Kundra.

Well, I personally feel that toning up is more important than just losing the kilos.  The society, media, family, friends and people will have a hundred things to comment about you and your body everyday. It is more important that you understand your body type and not jump into massive “weight-losing” sessions through outrageous diets and starving. I strongly feel that the definition of the word “SEXY” has changed. As a member of the media industry, I can be sure that having curves are now accepted! Tone up, eat well because gone are the days when you have to starve yourself to be considered beautiful. Even as women make a beeline at gyms for that perfect figure, in the end it is the health that wins!

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