What Is Love?


This was something I wrote 2 years back but I just felt like sharing it with you today. Perhaps the time is apt, the weather is romantic and it just feels great to immerse oneself in a topic as lovely as love. Hope you like it. Before I start – tell me people.. According to you, what is love? What happens when you are in love? Do you feel happy? Do you feel light? Do you feel like “dil mein mere hain darde disco“? Do you suddenly stop by to notice the morning dew on the leaves glistening in the sun? Do you start feeling the gentle breeze caressing, as it whispers something? Do you suddenly love rainy long rickshaw journeys from work to college to home? Do you start writing your name in the mist, on the window caused by a heavy downpour?  Do you start sounding illogical as you are drafting your next blogpost?

Is love really this illogical as it is made out to be ?


I read somewhere that love is a discovery of ourselves in others and the delight in the recognition. Has it ever happened to you that you met a person whom you disliked initially and then slowly you realised that omg he/she is JUST like you..just probably a different version? And then you start to like him/her because of that difference or similarity? And this realisation keeps you happy all day long – Is this love?

A dear friend of mine asked me why am I so happy these few days and she gave me a weird glance and asked, “Are you in love”?.. I broke into a laughter and told her, “why do I need to be in love to be happy, why should I depend on someone else to make me happy”?

Love, marriage and procreation – are these merely societal conveniences that allow us to indulge in delusions of playing God to create life and continue our race?

Another someone had once told me that, “you will just know it when you are in love – it is a feeling which everyone understands”.  Really? Well contrary to that in fact, I feel love is the most misunderstood feeling of all. If truly everyone understood love, people would not be misinterpreting lust for love .. or crush for love…or worst judging and mocking the ones who truly love !

For me, LOVE will remain an illusion. It sounds almost like an affliction of some terminal illness and the cure is to continue being in illusions for the rest of your life. But I have to confess – I have been feeling really happy for the past few weeks. I do not know why. I do not have a specific reason.

And no honey, I am not in love.



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