What Have I Been Up To

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What Have I Been Up To

Okay guys kill me for all you want – I know I haven’t blogged in ages……. And I am awfully sorry for the same. But I kid you not, I have been so busy with work. If you follow me on Instagram (username – @ritzdotcom), you may have realised how I’m constantly on the go and have a really erratic and equally hectic schedule. When I am not dividing my time between shoots for work, back to back auditions keep me rather occupied… Plus, there’s so many things that have been happening… it’s the festive season, there are so many film festivals, workshops, theatre festivals happening… I‘ve been enjoying, for sure.

Speaking of which, I don’t even remembered if I shared with you all about my role at Bloomberg TV India. Well, it’s been nearly 10 months that I’ve been on board for a show called “Aspire”, it’s a lifestyle show & I track luxury trends.. From interiors, food, automobile to fashion, couture, hospitality & fine dining – I talk about the new developments and  the business side of things – sharing a few of my videos with you people … Do watch my show, it comes on air every Friday, 10.30pm, Saturday 12.30pm and Sunday 8pm.






Promise to be back very soon with loads of fun content!!




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