My Weekend in Goa

Think of Goa, and think of sparkling seas, great food, upbeat nightlight and the perfect place to unwind over a long weekend. But when I went there last month, I saw a different side of Goa – a side that is rarely talked about. Churches, book houses, flea markets, beaches and heritage homes – may not be your typical Goa itinerary but honestly, I had so much fun. Guys, as some of you who follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram  might already know that I have been vlogging on my trip to Goa last month. So, here’s presenting my Goa Travel Vlog. This is a quick guide on how you can spend time in Goa if you’re only there for a short weekend. Don’t forget to visit the churches in tiny villages, the iconic Portuguese houses, street market and of course, the beaches.

Hope this is entertaining and informative to you.

Also, I do not claim to have everything documented accurately, since a lot of the names and histories of these places have been given to me by the people whom I met there on the spot. However, I have tried and given all the information as accurately as possible. I also do not mean to hurt sentiments of anyone who’s from there. It’s just a fun travel vlog and should be taken in that spirit. 🙂

goa 01 goa 02 goa 03

Hosted, Filmed & Edited by: Ritwika Gupta
Camera – iPhone 6
Edited using – iMovies
Music: All Taken from YouTube Audio Library – No Copyright Music;
Here is the list of places that I went to (in order of appearance) –

  1. Fontainhas
  2. Panjim Church
  3. Singbal’s Book House
  4. Panjim Street Market
  5. Heritage Home in Fontainhas
  6. Linen Shoppe
  7. The Verandah
  8. Grand Hyatt Goa
  9. Bambolim Beach


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