Turning Point | Happy 2018

2017 was very eventful. A lot happened, a lot changed. From anchoring on television to acting in short films, writing for magazines, doing ads, events, shoots, theatre – omg! There is this sudden, brewing excitement in me as I finally see myself slowly, moulding my life the way, I always envisaged it. Little did I imagine that in such a short span of time, I’ll be living so independently in a different country, running a blog, pursuing my interests, paying all my bills on time and still be at it. Of course, there’s a lot more to achieve. I am still waiting for that turning point and I hope 2018 proves to be a game-changer year for me.

For now though, I should sit back, relax and give myself a pat on the back. Because this is just the start. The journey that I am on, is unlike any of my other friends. In the last one year, I have heard things like, “that’s not possible” or “till what age do you want to do this?” or “you can’t do this forever”. I smile. As I know perseverance, dedication and hard work have seldom let anyone down. Besides, what good are those dreams that don’t last a lifetime? I surely want to be on stage or on camera, even at the age of 80. And I also strongly believe that there is no short cut to success.

2017 also showed me that I have the strength to overcome many crazy obstacles. From finding a nice house, embarking on a new role to getting the oh-so-mandatory aadhaar card, dealing with weird people and renewing my passport –trust me it’s not a cakewalk. But hey, I also met some amazing people. Chances are that I have made friends for a lifetime and some even beyond a lifetime! And guess what!! My blog turns 5 today. Can’t believe it. All thanks to you guys, we are a family of over 22,000 now !! You also must have noticed that the blog has undergone a major makeover – new design, new branding and the plan now is to grow my channel, social media and the blog with better content. Getting the blog done was a major major goal for me, this year. I hope you like the new look.

Well, I’ll also complete 5 years in Mumbai in July 2018. And I can go on and on about this city – chaotic, raw, real and full of character. Every nook and corner of the city has a story to tell. It might not have the perfect aesthetics to shoot perfectly fashionable photos but more often than not, no matter where I shoot or how uncooked the frames look, the photographs turn out to be captivating. It’s times like these that strongly define my relationship with this city. I love shooting in South Mumbai. Each time I shoot here, I feel like I’m a part of someone’s story.

Photography: Kaustubh Palav
Dress: Ginger by Lifestyle | Bag: Zara | Heels: H&M | Sunglasses: Guess | Accessories: Thrifted


Here’s to more such stories in 2018.

Wishing you all a great and prosperous New Year!


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