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This summer, get ready to sport a variety of tops – move over halters & tanks because these styles are really hitting the market BIG this season. And guess what, a number of these are available online as well (so saves you the trouble of going out in the heat?). But yeah, that’s what I really like about online shopping. With complete disclosure of fabrics, styles, there are a number of blouses, tube tops, dresses, skirts all available online.

What would I do without online shopping? Seriously, the process of selecting something  is so much more smoother and easier now. So let me show you a few tops which caught my eye while surfing online at  – So I went to their girls tops section & there are a few edgy, comfortable options that scream summer from all aspects!



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 When it comes to their girls tops section, a slim fit blouse in white is all that you need when you wish to go for a formal meeting in this hot summer season. This top is a fashion shirt in polyester crepe. The unlined fabric is soft and thin, which is a cool outfit to wear. It has been styled with a few fastened buttons at the front and at the cuffs. You can pair it up with a black mini skirt, black pumps and a grey shiny sling bag to complete the look. Going out with friends, or attending a job interview, or it could be a peculiar day at the office, the top would make you steal the show when dressed properly.



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The next piece of collection from the girls tops section is this brooding top in red. The top is made of cotton spandex, which is perfectly fit for the upcoming season. Being a slim fit style, it hugs the body perfectly and gives a nice shape to the silhouette. You can style it with a little black skirt, black pumps and a black round sling bag, which gives the top a meaning and a styling option for the teenage girls. It can even be paired up with denims or a maxi skirt for a casual daytime outing or it can even be used for office day by layering it with a beige blazer and the same shade cigarette pant to complete the overall look.




Raveling top is is the next big thing this season. Made in woven rayon, and having a slit at the back, makes it an airy top style to be worn in summers. The eye-catching point in this top are the eyelets for strap fastening. The straps and the eyelets have given it a uniqueness which makes it a perfect choice for summers in spite of being black. You can pair it up with dark washed denim in heel sandals and pehaps even go edgy with printed culottes.



W6 W7

Sarah top is a part of your quintessential tube tops, but with a twist – I love the prints &  the blue shade in white base gives it a soothing effect. Made in knit cotton keeps the body cool which is  a plus point. Pair it up with a white trouser and neutral pumps and your’re ready to go! This one’s  perfect for a weekend day out with friends to a beach or a movie and can be even layered at night with a jacket to be safe from the chilly weather outside.




This is by far my favourite of the lot. This orange perfection is again a part of your tube tops, but this is a one-shoulder toga and is made in knit viscose spandex & is a slim fit which shapes up the torso beautifully. The soft fabric is cool enough for the scorching heat of the sun. I personally love the colour & it goes perfectly well with a pair of blue shorts or a while maxi skirt as well.


Now that I’ve given you enough styling ideas, I’d like to also tell you that online shopping needs to be also done carefully & I think StalkBuyLove is a very user-friendly website and gives us all the details we needs as purchasers –They’ve got a variety of options & once you take a look at the website, you will surely thank me later on!  So girls, brace yourselves and start shopping, tell me which ones are your favourites from the  selections of tops on the site, leave me a comment & show me how you’ve styled it.


Till the next post!


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