Top 5 Ridiculous Bollywood Songs

There are many situations in life where we get an opportunity to laugh, ridicule and chill out! Music is a medium to unwind, relax and enjoy and I am personally a big fan of Hindi music in general. However I just have to share this you. The other day, a friend of mine posted a “Tota-song” on my Facebook wall and I was simply in shock at how hilarious it was. This sparked an idea to compile some of the most ridiculous Bollywood songs I’ve heard. These numbers qualify in my “mad song bucket list” for a number of reasons ranging from lyrics to music to picturization or all of it combined. So hear them out – but warning! While some will manage to make you laugh, most of them will make you go – WTF !



Ok this has to be the topmost retarded and disturbing song I have seen ever.  So Saif Ali Khan, probably in his lowest phase of his career, sings to his leading lady, “Main layaa hoon chooha apna, kaha hai teri choohi”. And then he pulls out a rat out of his pants and runs after the girl. Like seriously, how could lyrics like these pass the censor? The entire song is full of double-meaning and I’m scandalized! And correct me if I am wrong but does the chorus go “Obama Obama Obama Obama”? Oh Saifu, your “Ole Ole” was much better!



It does not get wackier than this! Aiyya was such a disappointment. The movie was manifested as an out and out film about women’s sexuality but honestly, I just could not grasp what the makers wanted to show. Neither they could explain arrange marriage properly nor they could show love marriage properly…and of course they failed to explore fascinations in the right way. Adding onto that is this mad supposedly sensual yet comic yet romantic song with crazy lyrics… I literally don’t know what to do after this !



“Anda” in Hindi means egg and “Funda” is short for Fundamental, a word is used by College students in relation to a subject. So there you go – The fundamentals of an egg, perfect Bollywood song. Any song dedicated to an egg doesn´t need any explanation. However if you are used to David Dhawan numbers, you might just be ahem entertained? (Side note – Love the comic timing between Sanju & Govinda!)



Ok I personally am pretty addicted to this song now! It’s ridiculous but in a funny way. Go Goa Gone has insane music and that is why this qualifies as one of the songs in my “mad song bucket list”. Sucking the blood out of you? Yes, Khoon Choos Le literally does that – to Monday. This is a song where you can see the male protagonists lipsyncing to a female voice. A very first ‘Anti-Monday Anthem’ that cribs about going to office on a Monday & with some absurd lyrics “Kaan Khujana Ungli Ghusaad Ke”! A lot of us can relate to that, huh? Never mind.



Witness Chunky Pandey’s 80’s “magic”! The maina-tota lyrics are so random but after a thorough research (yes, I did do a research on this number), I figured that it’s originally taken from a marathi song “Navin popat ha lagla mithu mithu bolayala”. Honestly, this song is not too bad at all. Sung with much enthusiasm and gusto by Kishore Kumar and S Janaki, this song was a superhit in the 80s. But there is something ridiculously funny about the picturization. Perhaps it was the funny choreography or animated (but cute) expressions of Neelam and Chunky? Not sure, but this did put a smile on my face. Well, eventually!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Ridiculous Bollywood Songs


    (May 14, 2013 - 3:12 PM)

    your tota song!! haha 🙂


    (January 27, 2014 - 3:49 AM)

    But khoon choos le is a very nice song n very true for working class eople like me its a must every monday morning mam .

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