The Road Ahead

The first 6 months of 2018 are over! I hope they turned out well for all of you. As for me, I guess they have been better than I expected. You must have seen the number of gigs I’ve been posting on my instagram. I hope the road ahead is even better than the last 6 months. You know what I’ve realised over the years… Figuring out yourself is a very complicated process. Initially, everything is exciting and you’re exploring mindlessly. And that’s fine! That’s important for who you are then. As you mature, you begin to realise what’s important for you and what’s not. You probably end up making a lot of mistakes but you know what, life goes on. Every experience, every mistake leads you to where your heart is, your true calling. And the idea is to keep walking towards that goal, unaffected by perceptions and personal complexes. These photos were clicked as part of a ‘power dressing’ look book but I think that term means nothing if you do not have your personal sense of self and confidence. That’s what power means to me. The ability to know who you are, to lose and find yourself again and again. Because you know what – no one knows you better than you!

I don’t know why but I’ve always associated the colour green with rain – regeneration, freshness, nature! And it’s awesome that this shoot has coincided with Mumbai Monsoon. Here’s some inspiration for dressing up for work. The top is from Ginger by Lifestyle, skirt from H&M, heels from ZARA and earrings from Lovisa (Singapore).

Photography: Stendor Sorout


Till my next post!


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