The Making Of Pyaar Ka Hangover *Exclusive*

pyaar ka hangover the making

Each one of us has definitely experienced some moments of our lives that we can never forget! Times when you ran away from home for a holiday, lied for love or just been madly, crazily, unfailingly in love. We told you how much we loved Pyaar Ka Hangover in our earlier post! Now here’s the making of the song right from horse’s mouth. Isheta Sarckar speaks about her musical experience and how it all started!

The Musical Journey..

isheta sarcar on pyaar ka hangover“It all began with the idea of making an original song. As far as I remember, I was 13 when I composed my first song. I had absolutely no idea how a song is made. My family, including my dad and uncles are all musicians. I had a full loaded music room with a widespread instrument platter to choose from. My dad has always been the hard task master, the kind who scared me so much that I didn’t even dare to try to learn the harmonium/synthesizer/keyboards. He is a very revered keyboard player with so many flatterers. I didn’t dare go close. But one day, when I had the rehearsal room all by myself – I managed to churn out my innermost Ustaad and sprawl over the keys of the harmonium, pressing a chord or two. Then I tried different combinations of keys which read C D E F G A B C.. and came up with some which my ears consented.”

The Team Behind Pyaar Ka Hangover. PKH Music has been composed by Shree D – IshQ Bector. The video has been directed by IshQ and the song sung by Isheta, herself. How it all started …

“So, I was at a fashion show when I met a guy backstage. A rapper I had seen on television before. In fact, I had also seen him performing live for one of the fashion shows I walked for. He was casually dressed with chains, nose piercing and totally defining metro-sexuality. He was checking out what was wrong with this spandex clad model gulping on wine back to back trying to balance on her 4 inch heels!

So, he came and asked me..’Hey wassup’?

‘How would you feel if there are two safety pins up your crotch and would dig into your flesh there any moment’?

The rapper went- ‘Ouch’!

‘Precisely that’! – I said.

We had a good show as he sang along and we walked as he performed. It was only after the show that the rapper-celeb asked me what I did other than modelling and to his surprise, I told him that I sing and write as well. Very warmly, he asked me to drop by at his place where he and his friends made music. I glanced at a pretty good-looking friend of his, and said- ‘sure’ 😉

My first visit to IshQ Bector’s house was awesome!

I hovered around the place filled with his friends (of course the good looking one too) and music makers. I took a pen and paper to jot down something and In 15 minutes, I wrote down a ghazal- ‘Kuch to baat hai’. Recital of which turned all his friends to be my friends too – now my family, my shoulder to cry on and my closest buddies! Time went by and I didn’t even realise how many songs I composed.”


The Idea ..

ishita sarkar“Everyone, including fans, friends and family asked me why wasn’t I getting into professional singing as in for movies and albums? Going to music directors, singing scratches and asking for work isn’t my forte, so I thought from the good amount of money and faith I earn from the people in the event industry, I should consider giving something back creatively.

So, I penned down my thoughts and got started working on the song. At first, I wanted to release a song, which was slow, melodious with the feeling of longing. I even shot a trial video of it in Ahmedabad. And then it all changed when I presented my songs to my friends- IshQ and Shree. Both liked the song but were not sure if this should be my first song. IshQ geared up to direct and edit the song but then four days before the shoot was scheduled, he said-‘Mar mat ishi, mar mat! Abhi tu bahot young hai for dying up to sad songs! You are cheerful, naughty and let’s make a song to bring out that spirit of you in the song. Kuch happy kar na’! Shree added to it and boom.. there it was.. Gone! Within the next 3 hours, I cracked the lyrics, we completed composing and even sang the scratch. Everyone just loved the tune and found it catchy! It summed up the love of youth and Pyaar ka hangover came into existence.

We later dubbed my vocals properly and it just got better with time and it took us one and a half months to get the track in place, not to forget the live instruments base guitar, leads and accordion (not used much these days) were dubbed in live too.

The best part is right from children to aunty and uncles are all loving the song and the love I am receiving has been awesome! Much more to come! 🙂 ”


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