The Last Confrontation | My New Short Film

Love is said to be blind, innocent and hopeful but not all love stories end on a happy note. The toughest thing in a relationship is sometimes accepting the inevitable – that it is over. I am super excited to present to you my latest short film, directed by Abhishek Mahajan – “The Last Confrontation”.

I’d love for all of you to see it. It is just a 3-minute + short film that revolves around the very last conversation a couple has in their relationship. It showcases a conversation between a couple, which steers from the first time they met, to their common love for cupcakes and their last confrontation. I really feel that we often come across situations in life where we find ourselves at crossroads. I try not to hurt people in that process and that’s exactly what my character does. However sometimes, it’s inevitable.

I had great fun working on this one and I hope you enjoy watching it too:

This film is presented by True Tales Productions and produced by IWM Buzz, the digital media network, which previously produced the popular chat show, “Showbiz with Vahbiz” and this one is their first short film production.


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