The Girl In The Yellow Dress

Now, that it is summer, you’ll start to notice yellow popping up all over Instagram.

Call it mustard, marigold, or lemon — all these tones fall under the yellow category. Earlier this year, fashion runways saw brands like Balenciaga and Calvin Klein showcasing their bright yellow collections. Bloggers, celebrities and models ditched the silver, black and pink and instead, stepped out wearing differing shades of yellow. The yellow fashion trend is versatile enough to suit the two main style tribes: the understated and the exhibitionists. And they have very different styling hacks too. Meaning if you belong to the group who likes wearing canary colors head-to-toe to turn heads, then the best way to style a look would be to opt for minimal accessories. And if you like going street-style with yellow – I’d say layer it up, have fun with accessories, put on your favourite sneakers or shades and get set to welcome summer. Quite obviously, this season’s “It Colour” is yellow! Well, I belong to the second group.

Recently, I found this yellow dress at Lifestyle Stores and absolutely fell in love with it at the word go. I styled this dress with a denim jacket. Denim is that absolute staple that keeps reinventing itself through different seasons and whether it is summer or winter, it never goes out of style. The dark blueish colour of my denim jacket complemented my bright yellow dress. I kept my makeup natural and dewy with coral lips and nail polish. Personally, I love the cheery vibes of the dress. It naturally puts a big smile on my face. Besides, what’s summer without a bit of yellow?

Lifestyle’s (Ginger) summer collection has a lot in store for this season. Don’t forget to check it out.

Till my next post!

Dress: Ginger by Lifestyle
Photographer: Stendor Sorout


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