That’s how it started???

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As some of you might already know, I have been rehearsing for a play since August this year and finally the curtains are up for this innovative drama to unfold on the 2nd Jan 2015.

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A theatrical experience set in an alternate fictional world of ‘Dominitia’. Somewhere unseen, unknown and unheard of, where the woodlands come alive in a kingdom set in the realm of fantasy.

The play features 4 extremely popular Shakespearean plays and the characters interwoven into each other, connected by a celebration of the royal wedding of King Claudius & Queen Gertrude and the events surrounding it. Gertrude’s son, Prince Hamlet has been distraught and wants to avenge his father’s death. He arranges for a theatre group comprising Oberon, Titania, Bottom and Puck to perform at the royal wedding.

In a parallel plot, Shylock, a Jewish merchant is adamantly against his daughter, Jessica’s love and sadistically craves for a pound of flesh from the indebted Antonio’s body. Jessica runs away with her lover, Lorenzo but Demetrius, who is in love with Jessica, chases behind the runaway lovers to stop them. A love triangle piles up where Oberon and Puck try to coerce love and foist it upon unwilling lovers, leading to an absolute conundrum.

Amongst the colours of a light hearted chaos, a catastrophe takes place before the eyes of the theatre group as the riches are left to ashes. The spectacle cocoons itself into a nutshell and hits us with a question, That’s how it started???

So, I play Jessica & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Bridging Gaps Entertainment has polished me as an actor through their effective workshops & I’ve learnt a lot. Jessica is a mature and confident girl but at the same time, she is a dreamer & very poetic in her verbiage, poised in her body language . She’s level-headed and but is in a constant state of conflict ; Of course the decision to choose between the two important men in her life is not an easy one!

Yes, I know you are curious already!  And guess what, we only have 5 days to go for the grand Shakespearean wedding to unfold…

That’s how it started???” is premiering in Mumbai at Mysore Association Auditorium on 2nd Jan 2015 – So, show some love, support and book your tickets NOW!


Director: Snehashish Mondal

Writer: Ritwik Bhowmik, Snehashish Mondal

Cast: Devyani Dagaonkar, Kaustubhkumar Kela, Manav Arora, Mohit Manghani, Radhey Lotwala, Rrahil Deshmukh, Ritwik Bhowmik, Ritwika Gupta, Shrikant Bhatt, Snehashish Mondal, Soumi Saha, Vijay Induchoodan and Zinnia Ranji.

Time: 7pm, 02 January 2015

Venue: Mysore Association Auditorium

See you there!



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