The Wardrobe Dilemma

“I’ve nothing to wear” – The most common wardrobe dilemma ! This festive season – revamp your style and end your wardrobe dilemma without spending a bomb on new clothes! First things first – Follow the 12-month wardrobe rule. Anything that does not make you feel good about yourself has to go. Toss away or […]

MixMatched Musings

On some mismatched days between some mismatched thoughts, On what’s yet to end And what’s yet to start. Between what’s utterly spoken, And what’s left to be said Between the thriving experience and the tepid innocence. On some mismatched days between some mismatched colours, Where sweet lashes of bridal pink splatters all over royal emerald […]

Sonam Kapoor – Legally Blonde ?

Bollywood’s style icon Sonam Kapoor is excited about her new wardrobe for Yash Raj Films’ untitled project which would include a black gown and coat as she plays a lawyer in it. A source close to the actress commented that “Sonam is looking forward to it because she wants to play the role to complete […]