7 Trends We Loved At Paris Fashion Week 2014

One can feel the burst of feminism as you look through the latest trends from Paris Fashion Week 2014. Starting from floral prints, tribal beats, street fashion to fur capes and sheer fabrics – these Paris Fashion Week trends will leave you in awe and admiration. Check out the top 7 trends directly from Paris […]

Dress Up Your Way #OOTD

It’s been a busy month! What have I been up to … well a couple of things for sure! Here are some of my #OOTD in the last couple of days for my shows. So how do you keep yourself looking fresh when you know you’ve a long day ahead? For me – The Lakme […]

An Anchor’s LookBook

What does an anchor wear to work? As an anchor and blogger, I wanted to make an earnest attempt to keep you guys updated about all the different events that are happening in Bombay city but unfortunately, I have not been too regular with my hosting updates simply due to the lack of time. So […]