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“Growing up, I was blessed with great skin. Unlike my peers, I did not suffer from the dreaded puberty acne, neither did I have problems with oil production. So while my friends were busy sharing tips on how to get clear skin, I was simply washing my face with water”.
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But the complacency of youth soon hit my complexion in my mid-twenties. I’m guessing hormones played a part in increasing sebum production, and my freckles started to come out in full-force. So instead of having clear skin, I find myself coming face to face with a couple of hang-ups. But here’s three things I’ve come to realise about attaining flawless skin:
Find a cleansing regime that’s suitable for you

Finding the perfect cleanser and beauty regime is like finding a boyfriend. You need to have several bad experiences before you find “the one”. But most importantly, you have to understand and know what your skin is like before you venture out to try everything on the shelves. Having a good beauty regime is half the battle won!

Prevention is better than cure

Honestly, don’t wait for things to happen to your face before you do something about it – freckles, wrinkles, acne scars can all be avoided! It pays to have be diligent about your skin now rather than pay the price years later (take it from me, I speak from experience!). You don’t have to go all out with a ten step regime, but a simple daily sunblock and constant hydration can do wonders for your complexion down the road.

Blend, blend, blend!

Sorry, but we’ve all got our flaws. So don’t feel embarrassed about having to wear foundation and concealer to attain that flawless complexion. After all, even the superstars do that. Cover up the dark eye circles and blemishes if you must, but the trick is to keep in mind what sort of skin-type you have. Stay away from compacts if you have dry skin, and stick to matte-finish foundations if you’re on the oilier side.
By: Natalie Pang


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