Herbal Bun Massage At Sukho Thai Spa

Last Sunday, I decided to pamper myself to a foot spa. Now if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve tried the Thai Traditional Foot Massage at Sukho Thai Versova before. This time round, I was invited by the High Street Phoenix’s branch to try their Herbal bun foot massage. A few months ago, I had read somewhere that a massage, using an herbal bun helps to discharge muscles and unblock the vitality stream. The use of steam heated herbals is an effective add-on to traditional massage therapies.

When I reached, the staff at Sukho Thai (High Street Phoenix) were very friendly. They got me inside the spa. It was dimly lit (hence, the slightly dark photographs) but it was necessary for the ambience. I was made to feel relaxed.

Just like their other services, the herbal bun massage first starts off with a thorough cleansing of the feet. The therapist then took a pleasantly scented oil and started to massage right from the toes to the knees in firm strokes with a focus on all the right pressure points. I was happy that she paid attention to the right pressure points and it was indeed relaxing. The therapist kept checking if I was comfortable and if the pressure was alright. I was quite happy with the massage for both my legs. The massage for both legs lasted for about 20 minutes.

Post that, the therapist brought in a special bun which consists of 23 aromatic and therapeutic herbs. The herbs are said to have an invigorating effect stimulating the senses. As the pores open during the herbal foot massage, it cures ailments such as pain, stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, back pain, migraines and arthritis. It also improves circulation of blood and stimulates the internal organs. The therapist placed the herbal bun on the sole of my feet, calves and thighs. She pressed on for 2-3 minutes each. It was a bit hot initially but it really felt as if all my stress and pain was being cured. The hot bun was applied throughout both the legs. This lasted for another 15-20 minutes. Overall, it was very relaxing.

What I liked about the massage:

1) It was extremely relaxing. I almost fell asleep!
2) It’s great for the blood flow and circulation.
3) The therapist kept checking on me to see if the pressure is correct.
4) The fruits & hot herbal tea at the end of the massage were rejuvenating.
5) I think I looked so much more refreshed after the massage!

What I think can be improved:

1) I remember for the Thai Traditional Massage, I got a 20 minute back & shoulder massage too. Missed that, this time.
2) Wish this treatment was slightly longer.

If you’re looking for something different and a quick relaxation massage, do visit Sukho Thai Spa !

I also love Sukho Thai’s Traditional massage. Take a look at my vlog or you can read the review here!


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