Abhyangam Spa at Nuayurveda Clinic – Review

If you follow me on social media, you would know that the last few days, I’ve been running about insanely between shoots, hosting events, auditions, meetings etc. It doesn’t help either that the weather in Mumbai has suddenly become extremely hot and humid. Call it good luck or just great timing, I happened to receive an invite from Nuayurveda Clinic to review their Abhyangam spa therapy.  Abhyangam spa therapy is an Ayurvedic oil massage that is recommended for overall full body nourishment. It relieves fatigue, provides stamina and perfect sleep. It also enhances the complexion and tones up the muscles. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity.

When I visited their Andheri West clinic at four bungalows, I expected to walk in amidst candles and sweet scents like any other typical spa. But no, it was strictly a clinic with no additional frills. I, then, stepped into a room which had a wooden bed and a table (where all the necessary ingredients were kept). The room came across as borderline shabby but the massage more than made up for it. The therapy started with a very relaxing 10 minute head massage with a herbal oil. It then proceeded to a complete 45 minutes body massage with healing strokes and concluded with a 10 minute steam.


The overall experience was indeed rejuvenating but it was a little difficult communicating with the therapists because they didn’t know how to speak in Hindi or English. The therapists were brought down specifically from Kerala and only knew their language. While they were very good at their job, I just couldn’t get specific information on the type of oil they were using or more details related to the massage. I also wished that they work on their ambiance a little more. While I understand that it is a medical centre that treats problems related to depression, weight loss, detox, diabetes, skin/hair/eye care amongst others, I would still suggest they work on the quality of their rooms if they are offering relaxing spas.

Nonetheless, I recommend you try it at least once!


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