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They say you can see Singapore in just a few days.  Well, I am going to show it to you in just one blog post! Hello guys – sorry been away on a much needed 2 week break to my home and to the city where I grew up – Singapore!

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In my suitcase ….

IMG_8663 IMG_8661

(Before I start, I must say Mumbai International Airport is awesome!!)

IMG_8728 IMG_8727 IMG_8726

Finally in Singapore … (biggest hug to my sister!)


So, I stay in Marine Parade with the East Coast Beach/Park (ECP) right across my condominium.  Love the view! ECP is a must visit for all tourists because you get to experience the sand, sun and sea with ah-mazing seafood.




Singapore is full of high rise buildings … whether you are in town, east, west or in the central business district of raffles city, you will surely be impressed with the uniquely designed architecture and a well planned layout of the city. Concrete Jungle as they call it!


You’ll meet lots of people from all parts of the world …


And oh yes, one thing we got a lot in Singapore –  Shopping Malls




One of the things I love most about Singapore – THE FOOD !! You must try the local Chicken rice, Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Cheese Prata.

IMG_8838 IMG_9106


Food again

IMG_9283 IMG_9119

Desserts & Cupcakes – (My favourite is the red velvet cupcake from Twelve Cupcakes)

IMG_9300 IMG_9361

This is Mc Café at Parkway Parade & my usual hangout place. What I’m having? The 75 cents Vanilla Cone from Mcdonalds.

IMG_9131 IMG_9130

You got to love some of the places  in Singapore … Haji Lane, Bugis Street, Vivo city, Esplanade, RWS, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade and many more…

IMG_9185 IMG_9178


3485_10151235122439830_1303856096_n 182376_10151235119939830_45732035_n 401652_10151235121834830_2022204470_n 543853_10151235120309830_2146974799_n IMG_9198 IMG_9155


Singapore is a country that loves to do everything bigger and better than everyone else. Check out these gigantic trees. The newly inaugurated Gardens by the bay is a  must visit for the nature lovers. It hosts some of the most exotic and rarest plants all over the world.

IMG_8913 IMG_8934 IMG_9063 IMG_8961 IMG_8933

Ice cream in rainbow bread – much needed on a hot day!

IMG_8847 IMG_8848

and THIS is Singapore …

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore 12

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