Simple & Sophisticated (Day Time Look Review) !

A look that is striking during the day.

I am not a professional make up artiste but I have always loved experimenting with my cosmetic kit. So today, I was heading out for a shoot and felt why not share an easy-to-do shortcut daytime look which will look awesome on anyone. The thing about doing make up for daytime is that you need to look striking without coming across as being over-done. The key to doing so would be to make your eyes the focus of your face while keeping your lips pink/coral/nude. The end product will look something like this (yes m all smiley on a Monday morning) :


For the daytime look, I have used my favourite Revlon 12-hour eyeshadow – 01 Colour Spice/Coffee Bean Collection.


Before you start, make sure the eyelids are primed! I used Mac Prep & Prime (eye primer).


Here are the simple steps.

1) Using the peach colour in the palette, apply it all over the lid with an eye shadow brush.

step 01

2) Then taking the copper/coffee colour, apply it into the crease…make sure to blend it in well with your eye shadow brush.

step 02

3) Using the dark brown colour from the palette, apply that onto the outer V (Outer corner) of the eye to give the eye more definition.

step 03

4) Finally, taking the lightest colour in the palette – shimmer white ; apply that to the brow bone (under the eye brow) and the inner tear duct (inner corner of the eye) to highlight and brighten the eyes.

step 04

And yes, you are half way there! You should get something like this :

ritz eye 01

Final step – To finish the look, apply black liquid eye liner on top of your lid & below your eye-lide too. After that, add your favourite mascara onto the lashes. Curl the lashes outwards using the mascara brush or an eye-curler.  I used Bobbi brown mascara & eye liner.
bobbi brown mascara eyelinerbobbi

You are done with the eyes ! Now wasn’t this simple?

IMG_1767 IMG_1770

Let’s move onto the lips.

I like nude lips but the latest vogue is now going the orange way! Orange lips were all over the runways beginning of this year and is sure to be a trend this summer. However it is not very easy to find the right shade of orange. So while shopping last week, I bought two lippies from Maybelline.

IMG_1757 IMG_1785

First one – a complete nude shade. (302)



While the second one – has a perky pinkish tone B24.


Both are from the Maybelline Watershine collection pure.


I was feeling a little ambitious. So I decided to take a chance and blended the two together. I put the nude shade first and then blended the pink one over.  My attempt was to make it appear slightly coral. And it worked! If you are wanting to get in on the orange lip without resorting to really bold, orange traffic cone lips, this combination is something you might want to consider. Below is a picture of the end product by mixing the two. It’s slightly coral peach on my lips. You like it? Try pairing it with a nude lip liner and this shade will do wonders in the summer months!


Lastly, I used the medium-nude shade Maybelline blush to complete my look.

deep nude maybeline blush ritz

So there you go! A simple yet sophisticated day time look. (And this time, a non-smiley picture :P)


Try it out and let me know how it worked for you! Enjoy the week ahead.




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