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Signature Pedicure at Taj Salon Mumbai

A great pedicure can be as soothing to the soul as well as the sole. At the Taj Salon earlier this month, I experienced one of the best pedicures in town!

There was a time when I used to be very particular about mani-pedis and I used to make sure that I get one done every twice a week. Of course once I started working & considering my crazy schedule, I’d think of myself as lucky even if I can get my nails painted every month.

Pedicures are my go-to way to pamper myself. I like head oil massages too but this is officially my favourite way to relax – I can still keep busy by catching up on the latest with a magazine or checking mails while I get my treatment done!

Taj Salon

So a couple of weeks back, I was invited to experience the signature pedicure treatment at the Taj Salon situated inside the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai.  My earlier experience at the Taj Salon where I was the Queen for a day was marvelous. Keeping this in mind, I was super excited for this experiential.

Now firstly let me tell you that the Taj Salon is the first & the oldest salon in the country, it was established in 1940 and it’s unisex. The salon has catered to the likes of Hilary Clinton, Ratan Tata, Sharon Stone, many tourists, foreign dignitaries & a number of biggies from Bollywood. It’s adorable to still find some of their oldest employees at the salon even today, busy chopping strands and pampering their set clientele.

At Taj Salon, I got to experience their signature pedicure which is truly one of a kind.  I’ll start by saying that the salon is absolutely elegant. I was greeted with a warm smile and a cup of tea once I entered. The decor is done up tastefully, giving it a classy feel without being too OTT.

Taj Salon

Taj Salon

Taj Salon

The signature pedicure at Taj Salon is known for using only organic ingredients. The pedicure thaali consisted of milk, honey, dried fruit scrub, salt, apricot & sandalwood mask.

Taj Salon

The 1.5 hour treatment started off with the regular nail care regime like cutting, filing and buffing. I must add here that a lot of the best salons tend to be very rough with this step but my pedicurist of the day, Puneet, took the time to shape them, smoothen out the ridges and leave them neat and well-filed.

Taj Salon 07 08

Thereafter, the signature pedicure commenced with a scrub using honey, milk & hand pounded dry fruits, spices, pure almond oil and rose essential oil. This was a complete treatment that exfoliated, massaged and moisturized my feet without having to use water.

Taj Salon

Post this, my feet were washed with milk! (Psst..this was so cool because I literally felt like a princess like how in the olden times, queens & princesses used milk for bathing?)

Taj Salon

After this deeply nourishing pampering scrub, I was given a traditional ritual of a deeply relaxing almond oil reflexology massage which was an absolute bliss.

Taj Salon

And then, I was given a complete sandalwood foot mask made of apricot oil & aloe vera to keep the skin soft and smooth. This was left on for about 5-10 minutes. And the moment the mask was washed off, I touched my feet & they were super duper soft.

Taj Salon

The finishing touch was a lovely shade of dark green nail polish which I absolutely loved.

taj salon

Taj Salon

Here’s a mini video recap of the treatment –

On the whole, if you’re in the mood for a luxurious pedicure that makes you forget everything else, the signature pedicure at the Taj Salon is worth a try!

Signature Pedicure at Taj Salon – Rs 4460 + Taxes
Duration – Approx 1.5 hours
Address – Taj Salon, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
Opp Gateway of India, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai



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