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I love attending weddings. I have hosted several of them too. To me, a wedding is something personal. Something that is to be shared with the people who are dear to you. Sometimes, I don’t see the point of grand rituals and celebrations. There is often a lot of hype on how extravagant the setup is, how posh the locale is, how many guests there are or how exquisite the food is. If the two people being married are happy to share a life together, that is all that matters. But yes, a wedding is a wedding. And I am an Indian. So it’s impossible for me to not love grand weddings. I love dressing up so much that there have been times I am more dressed up than the bride. Hah! However, I probably wouldn’t want an overly hyped, way out-of-the-league wedding. I’d like a bit of pomp and show to a level that makes me happy. And since the wedding season is still going on, full swing and if you, just like me, have many Indian weddings to attend in the coming few months, I suggest you keep an eye out for some beautiful Indian outfits.

I do have a few weddings to attend in the next few months and I am excited to be a bridesmaid at one of my really good friend’s wedding! And while there may be so many different elements that can help you put together that perfect ‘bridesmaid’ look, for me the colour of the outfit plays a rather vital role. Recently, I got associated with Lifestyle Stores’ in-house brand, Melange for a distinct, ethnic look. I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off this scarlet red anarkali suit. The colour gave a royal touch to the outfit and I was drawn! I teamed up the red-golden anarkali suit with gold plated earrings and bangles. So just like me, if you’re also preparing to attend a friend or cousin’s wedding, this anarkali along with several other ethnic looks from Melange are just for you!

Photography: Stendor Sorout
Outfit: Melange, Lifestyle

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