Now, how many of you (just like me) thought that this time round, it’s going to be a “pseudo monsoon” in Mumbai? Yeah well, you can’t blame me for thinking so –  it just rained dreadfully that “one” weekend in June & it was back to being hot & sunny again for the next 2-3 weeks…. So much so, that I gave my umbrella a break & made my handbag lighter. Trust me, I was so sure that monsoon in Mumbai is over!

…UNTIL this week..okay wait, what just happened again? It either does not rain at all in Mumbai or it rains cats & dogs…  there’s simply no moderation. And if you live in this city, you’d notice how crazy it’s been pouring over the last 2-3 days..

And because of that, I (being the overconfident & oversmart me) got stuck at Carter Road for the longest time… Because I had no umbrella!

In the midst of grumbling about the unexpected rains, a girl, probably my age, came over to me & offered to share her umbrella with me till I got myself a rick from Carters back home – That was so sweet and that’s when I truly realised that people in Mumbai are something else altogether.. I mean, would you hear of any other place where strangers offer umbrellas to each other just like that? It reminded me of that song – “apni chattri tumko de de kabhi jo barse paani..phir bhi dil hai Hindustani”..

Monsooncolours_IndiaArtnDesign (7)

And boy, it’s been raining super heavily over the past two-three days but thankfully I carry my umbrella now, everywhere.

But guys, did you all know that the largest umbrella in the world got launched today?




Bet you didn’t know! The Hindi GEC channel, SAB TV, created this huge umbrella under which around 1,000 people can take shelter easily all at once… I was passing by Bandra Carter road today again & saw this giant umbrella made for just about anybody to stand under! How interesting is that –it’s not everyday that you’ll get to witness people from all walks of life, different backgrounds, age groups come together under one roof & I think it’s a fabulous social message.. there were a few SAB TV’s artists also who were present at the launch event.





And yes, this is indeed the largest, #sabseanokhaumbrella in the world created by the channel, 30 ft tall & 60 ft wide.. True to its brand message, “asli mazaa SAB Ke saath aata hai..” and  it’s quite anokha (unique) !


Speaking of which, I am also quite excited to watch the Anokhe Awards on 31 July at 9pm on SAB TV, it’s  an annual Indian television award show of the channel often celebrated in different themes.. like last year, they had a carnival theme.. I wonder what this year is going to be like!


So yes people, I hope you catch the awards as well next week. Till then, enjoy the monsoons, don’t forget your umbrella & keep sharing it once in a while 😉


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