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Quick Getaway to Koh Samet

If you’ve seen it all in Thailand and by that I mean, visited all the famous islands like Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Pattaya etc – then THIS is one place which I’m sure you’d love to read about – Koh Samet.

koh samet

I will not be surprised if you haven’t quite heard much about Koh Samet because it’s true that not a lot of people know about this tropical island. Koh Samet is only about a 4 hour drive and a 20 minute ferry ride away from Bangkok. Blue waters, breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches – these adjectives are not enough to describe how beautiful the island is. I was amidst lush nature and it was truly an unforgettable experience. You can watch all about my experience at Koh Samet on Episode 5 of my Thailand travel vlog – link below!

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So, we stayed at Sai Kaew Resort at Koh Samet which is a 11-minute walk from Khao Laem Ya-Mu Ko Samet National Park. I had a lovely sea-facing villa/cottage. In fact almost all the rooms at the resort were bungalow styled  The resort was beautiful and huge. They had 3 swimming pools and 2 private beaches as well. The food at the resort’s restaurant was also amazing. Not to mention it had a relatively cheap yet one of the most pampering Thai spas I’ve been to.

koh samet

koh samet

koh samet

Stepping outside the resort, Koh Samet is a one stretch island running from North to South. You won’t find cabs, buses or tuk tuks there. So you need to either get around the island on foot or you could even rent a bike which is priced at approximately 300 THB/day.

There’s also night market just outside the Sai Kaew Resort where you’ d find all sorts of things – from sunglasses to flip flops, floral dresses and even fake gopro cameras!

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When we arrived, it was raining heavily. Therefore, we couldn’t really explore the island much. But we did plan to go snorkeling and this is one of the most popular water activities on the island. Especially because the ocean looked so clean & green. The loose skies were literally merging into the amazing coral reefs. It was heavenly. I wish we could have gone scuba diving but we pacified ourselves by swimming in the open sea. Thankfully, the rain had reduced by then.


So in short, I’d say if what you are looking for is relaxation, beautiful nature and affordable luxury, then Koh Samet is an ideal place to spend a few days… with your family, friends and even your favourite gal pals. 😉

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Once again, do check out all my travel vlogs on Thailand 2016. As you know this is my first time attempting a travel vlog, so your feedback is important. Do check out the videos & let me know what you feel.

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