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Seems like the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is abuzz with just one word – oxidation!

What is oxidation?
Oxidation is not something we have to be worried about – it is a fairly natural process. Whenever energy is burnt in our body, oxidation happens. The concept is similar to that of ash coming out when the wood is burnt. Scientifically speaking, oxidation creates an unstable proportion of oxygen atom in our body. This atom is missing an electron and searches for one. In this massive search for the missing electron, the atom hits our body cells and in this process, our body cells get degenerated. Now we all know that every day millions and millions of cells in our body get degenerated and an equal number of cells get regenerated. However in this case, the ratio of creation and destruction of cells is imbalanced. Meaning to say – more cells are getting damaged than created. As such, the body’s resistance power goes downhill and people start to age faster.

Excessive oxidation leads to diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disorders etc. In recent times, there has been tremendous increase in oxidation due to pollution, consumption of alcohol, allopathic medicines, stress, adulterated food and smoking.

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So what do we do to curb oxidation?
Oxidation cannot be completely stopped but can be controlled.

How do we do it?
Stress is one of the major reasons for oxidation and the good news is we can manage stress. It’s simple! Sleep well and stay away from stressful conditions. Do not take or cause any excessive stress. Stay away from mediums that might unnecessarily make you sad. Be happy and try to manage your negative emotions like anger, guilt, shame, disappointment and despair.

be happyTry to avoid alcohol and smoking. Stay away from passive smoking as well. Avoid eating out and consumption of beverages. Substitute beverages with water or fresh fruit juices.

Vitamin C and vitamin E are rich sources of antioxidants. Thus, consumption of antioxidants is another vital way to curb oxidation. Take vitamin C tablets or alternatively – consume fruits like lemons, oranges and gooseberries. Just make sure that these fruits are organically grown.


So friends, protect your body and skin from the rigors of oxidation by following the simple steps above. Oxidation will not only make you healthier but it will also make you more beautiful. It will make your skin glow and you will naturally look younger. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Watch this space for more healthcare related information!

By:  Sachin Apahle

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