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A few weeks back, I interviewed Monica Dogra and she told us how Olay Total Effects has made life easier for her! Today I got the chance to review a set of Olay products and also touch on a topic that most of us are aware of but not all of us know the impact of this matter.

OLAY Total Effects Foaming Cleanser Olay Total Effects Day Cream Normal SPF15 Rs 799 Olay Total Effects Face_Serum

As modern women of today, it is no secret that we face a lot of stress that not only has an impact on our health but also on our skin. I am in my mid-20s and I know a lot my friends and I take our youthful skin for granted. Trust me girls, we need to start taking care of our skin from now! Let’s take a look at what causes physical stress in modern society.

Less sleep
Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people are in fact perceived as less healthy and less attractive. Sleep deprivation can weaken the skin barrier and slow its ability to renew itself. Dr. Nina Madnani, P&G Dermatologist, adds perspective on the research, “Modern lifestyles have deprived women of sleep. The sleep patterns have been altered, further leading to hormonal imbalance”.

More sugar
An increasing consumption of sugar, due to the proliferation of processed foods and beverages, cause our skin to stiffen and even take on a yellowish hue. In other words, glycation is a significant cause of skin ageing.

Higher levels of pollution
It is well known that air pollution is a source of free radicals that damage our skin cells and ultimately age our skin. This rise in air pollution is yet another worrying stressor that can cause signs of ageing to appear earlier than they should.

 What’s the solution| Olay Total Effects Review

 According to Dr. Madnani, it is no use waking up in your 40 s and expecting products to work miracles after all the damage is done. Women who followed an effective skincare regimen at an early age have significantly less fine lines and wrinkles than women who overlooked their skin amid chaotic schedules. Hence, early skincare helps to reduce the signs of aging. Products such as Olay Total Effects include Vitaniacin which is a key ingredient that fights the changing skin needs.  Olay Total Effects addresses skin ageing concerns, not just of fine lines and wrinkles, but all 7 signs of ageing which are:

  1. Rough/uneven skin texture
  2. Age/dark spots
  3. Uneven skin tone
  4. Sagging skin
  5. Dry/dull skin
  6. Increased pore size
  7. Fine Lines and wrinkles

I recently received my Olay set with an anti-ageing serum+ cream duo, foaming cleanser and day cream. Thank you, Olay team! To be honest, it’s just been a while I started using these products but let me share my review with you.

 Olay Cream + Serum Duo


Since I am just in my 20s, I do not have wrinkles or fine lines yet. So, honestly I did not expect to see results after using the serum just a couple of times.  I think the idea is to be patient. You might not see results immediately but a regular application of this product promises to result in smoother skin, reducing fine lines on ageing skin. For me, as of now, this just works as a moisturizer.

My rating: 2.5/5

Olay Foaming Cleanser


My first reaction – this smells good! The foaming cleanser is mild and the skin feels soft after a wash.  There was a light glow on the face and I did not have adverse reactions on skin like pimples, rashes or acne. Thumbs up!

My rating: 4/5

 Olay Day Cream


I have a combination type skin. My skin is generally dry and thus for me, the extra moisture in the product works. I use it twice on my face and neck daily. The cream easily blends well when applied. Since I have dry skin, it feels light and softer. I won’t deny that the skin looked radiant as well. However, girls with oily skin type might find this greasy.

My rating: 3/5

My favourite product was definitely the foaming cleanser. I would highly recommend it to you guys! As far as the anti-ageing serum goes, it has not worked for me yet but it does not mean it will not work for you. The day cream is good too but I will also try other day creams before swearing by any one product.

All said and done, taking care of your skin from an early age is very crucial. Hope you guys liked the review!



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