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Hey guys, this month on Love My Work, we have a celebrity singer and actress. She is a fantastic singer who also debuted with Kiran Rao ’s Dhobi Ghat. Apart from being such a bundle of talent, she’s a super-ambitious girl and told us some really interesting things about her work and the industry.

OLAY in collaboration with UTV stars has brought on board Monica Dogra to share her journey from being an established musician to an actress. And I am so happy to be a small part of the “Olay Project Beauty” – Monica today is here to share with the readers of Spotlight on what keeps her so fiesty and energized amid the chaotic schedules.

Personally, it’s always interesting to read about people who have made a mark for themselves in various fields.  It certainly inspires me. So let’s meet the real Monica Dogra & find out her journey from a singer to an actor, the importance of music in her life and why she loves using OLAY Total Effects.

Monica Dogra 2Your first break in the movies …

Well I had nothing planned really. I was just following the signs and going wherever life took me.  In Bombay, I found a community of artists to build with and that was worth the risk.

Movies or Music …

Music always. It is my first love. My mom is a singer as well so I grew up around Hindustani classical music, going to classical concerts when I was young. And then my parents split up when I was 12 and I was raised by my dad. He was the opposite, like; be a doctor, go to business school, etc. But I had an undeniable, palpable love for the creative process.  Eventually, he saw that I was born to do what I do.

Motivation …

My motivation comes from different places. I think if you’re someone who walks the world absorbing, certain things inspire you. Whatever inspires you, you store it and then you access it whenever you need it. I’m inspired a lot by street culture and I’m also inspired a lot by fantasy; parallel realms where everything is sparkles and butterflies but also street oriented and rooted. I might have fairy wings, but they’ll be made of the tyre of a car. I like making the mundane spectacular.

Olay Total Effects Day_Cream_Normal_SPF15Looks & Beauty …

Monica Dogra 1

When everyone places extra value on the way you look and judging your appearance, that is when you feel the pressure of taking care of yourself and your beauty all the more. Between touring, writing, acting, designing, and just trying to have a normal social life, where is the time to pay attention to beauty?  All I was looking out for was a one stop solution, a multi-tasker to support the different roles I play every day. I found that in a bottle of Olay Total Effects. It takes care of all my skin worries and most importantly keeps me looking fresh and stress-free. Olay fights the early signs of ageing, making my skin look young and firm. It was recommended to me by a close friend and make-up expert. I always have it in my handbag!

Daily beauty regime …

My daily beauty regimen includes eating healthy and drinking lots of water. Running and dancing is good exercise for the skin as they flush out toxins the rough sweat. During the day I never leave the house without a sunscreen. I follow a simple regimen of OLAY Total Effects – anti-ageing foaming cleanser, day cream followed by a face serum. Olay combats 7 signs of ageing and is a great moisturizer. At night a similar regime I just use a night cream before going to sleep as your skin needs heavy moisturization at the end of a long hectic day. Whenever possible I catch up on my beauty sleep!!

For all aspiring artistes …

Well I would urge them to dive deep and discover their truest desires… And be brave enough to cultivate that. 

Well, Monica is definitely a self-assured and positive lady! I hope you guys enjoyed reading the interview. Check out a small snippet of the Olay Project Beauty below:

About Olay

Olay offers a complete regimen to fight the early signs of ageing, making it possible for busy modern women to have their skin look young and firm.  This regimen includes cleansing for revitalized and youthful-looking skin to daily treatments through the serum which deeply penetrates the actives within the skin and moisturizing to visibly reduce dark spots, lines, and wrinkles.




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