“All I need is Olay Total Effects”: Kajal Aggarwal

Hey girls! So I had earlier blogged about how Olay products have set a yardstick of superiority when it comes to skin care creams. Honestly, we cannot really prevent ourselves from ageing but just like how Monica Dogra told Spotlight earlier this year, that proper caring of the skin from an early age will certainly give us many more youthful years ahead, today actress Kajal Aggarwal shared her best kept skin secrets, to keep looking young with Olay Total Effects.

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At a recently held Olay event, Kajal shared with Spotlight her story behind achieving success and moving forward without settling for anything less. Looking pretty in a Siddartha Tytler embroidered gown, one that she wore with her hair in a ponytail and simple studs, Kajal said that she never lets her hectic life take a toll on her skin.

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She said, “I realized that when I am constantly in the limelight and juggling between shoots with erratic schedules, it’s challenging to excel in all that I do without compromising on the way I look. Being an actress I have to take extra care to maintain my skin and look perfect all day. Because of this hectic lifestyle, I started noticing changes on my face. My skin started looking tired; I started seeing spots and patches on my face, with a dullness. To my surprise, my dermatologist told me these are signs of skin ageing.  And she recommended the most fuss-free product. All I needed was Olay Total Effects. I found a one stop solution for younger looking skin because Olay fights all seven signs of skin ageing. I love it that people find it hard to believe that my first movie released almost 7 years ago.

Well indeed, according to Olay’s recent global study, women in highly polluted areas face worse skin hydration issues than those living in the cleaner air suburbs. A simple skin care regimen can definitely make your skin look healthier and younger than ever.

Check out my review of The Olay Total Regimen & tell me what you feel!


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