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Hey girls! Today, I will be reviewing an online website called Moods of Cloe. CLOE, which is one of the reputed lingerie brands in India, has also ventured into e-commerce through So, when the marketing team contacted me to review their website and products, I was super excited. Another Lingerie Haul, it is!

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The Moods of Cloe website is pretty attractive and easy to navigate. There are many different categories – bras, briefs, nightwear, accessories and gym wear. You can easily select, place an order and check out. As I was browsing through the website, I landed in a big dilemma. I was kind of confused as to what to get. I noticed a pretty black thong and selected that immediately. Then, I noticed this pair of silicone bra cups. I had wanted to buy a pair of silicone bra cups for the longest time but never quite got a chance to do so. So, I thought when I have the opportunity now, might as well get it now. I selected the two items, placed my order and checked out. And then, the long wait started…

Well, I had placed my order on the 20th September 2014 and I was expecting my order to reach within 3 days (as stipulated on the website). However, even after 9 days, I still had not received my order. So, I dropped an email to the marketing team and they were quick to respond. They sent me the parcel straight away within 24 hours.  I am not sure what took them so long.

But when I finally received my order, I was impressed. I was pleased with the packaging – the pink box was cute! It made me forget about the delay in delivery and I was really excited to open the package and see the items. The garments were also neatly packaged.


The first thing I saw was the black thong and I loved it. It was exactly how it was shown on the website. Pretty! The cotton fabric was comfortable and just like a LBD, I feel every girl should also have a LBT (little black thong) in their wardrobe. Agree?


However, what I did not quite expect was the quality (or lack of) of the “silicone bra cups”. I, perhaps, mistook them for cups as per the website description.

web 01

However, what I received was just a backless stick-on bra.

image (3)

In case you are not sure, silicone bra cups are supposed to look like these (image taken from google) :

Silicon Bra with Box

The product description was misleading and on my part, I admit I should have checked properly. But even then, the condition of the stick-on bra which was delivered to me seemed like it was from an old stock. The bra had visible indentations. There were also stains and it just looked very shabby and worn-out.  When I tried it on, the adhesive was not strong enough.  I am really not sure if or not for how long I can use this.

IMG_0915 IMG_0916

At the end of the day, I have to be honest. This did leave me disappointed.

Having said that, I would suggest you check out their website and decide for yourself. The site does have a lineup of pretty lingerie. They are not very expensive. If you are shopping online from Moods of Cloe, it should be safe to grab items which are from their new arrivals.


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