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Monsoon is here and how. Lovely weather, lovely rain – but in this season, you need to take good care of your nails (which most of us tend to overlook).  Nail infections are very common in monsoons. So in order to avoid any form of contamination, try to keep your nails short. Also don’t forget to periodically cleanse your nails and scrub your feet with a foot scraper. Apply a nail cream for moisturizing and to keep them soft.

Now we come to nail polish – I don’t have to emphasize how tedious it must be to apply nail polish and maintain it during the monsoon. For this reason, I want to share with you an easy way to show off pretty nails that last for as long as 10 days or even more!

What are Nail Stickers?


Trends in nail fashions have come a long way. I am pretty sure these trends are picking up in India but in case you haven’t heard about these – nail stickers are easy-to-apply nail stick-ons that have been around for a while, mostly as nail art to apply over your regular polish. You can get them for your whole nail, typically in a fun array of patterns. These are essentially intricate works of art created on a tiny nail scale to add pattern and color. While getting nail art done at a parlour can be costly, I am going to show you a way to get the same results at home. This time round, my mum did my nails for me – thank you ma!


What do you need to apply Nail Stickers?

1) Nail filer


2) Set of nail stickers


3) Small pair of scissors


How to apply Nail Stickers?

1) So, first – Choose your favourite set of nail stickers.

IMG_9476Most are pre-cut to match common nail shapes, but it’s always good to have small scissors handy just in case any decal is too large or slightly off shape.


2) Carefully remove the sticker from the backing and place it on your nail.

IMG_9478 IMG_9480


3) Press on your nail sticker and smooth it out towards the end.



4) If the sticker seems large for the nail, trim the excess.



5) Keep the sticker in place by ironing them using the filer! The heat generated from the ironing effect will help them last longer.

IMG_9484 IMG_9483



6) Repeat the above steps for all the other nails and tadda you’re done!

IMG_9506 IMG_9526

7) Save the excess strips and put them back in the plastic slip for a future manicure.
That’s it – it’s really that easy. My nail art lasted for about 10 days and when it was finally time, I peeled off the stickers easily with a bit of water.


I’m a fan! And you know what girls – you get amazing nail stickers online from !
So do try these DIY nail art manicures for the monsoon and tell me what works for you!


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