“Main Na Bhoolungi” – Chilling Promos On SONY

By: Radhika Gupta


SONY Television‘s upcoming show, “Main Na Bhoolungi” looks promising and different! This year, we saw a variety of concepts on Indian television such as the SLB-esqe Saraswatichandra and the much-hyped Anil Kapoor’s 24. The promos of this new show have caught the attention of many and that is why I am writing about it today. “Main Na Bhoolungi” is also creating a buzz in the television circuit as the serial claims to be a thriller showcasing the story of a girl who dreams of a happy marriage but finds herself in circumstances beyond her control after her arranged marriage.

main na bhoolungi

It is an interesting concept and the shocking promos have increased the eagerness of the audience. The popular “Saas bina Sasuraal” actress, Aishwariya Sakhuja, is seen playing a simple bespectacled Indian girl who gets married to the man of her parents’ choice. Her husband, played by Vikas Manaktala, seems all caring and loving, until the shot moves into the kitchen when we suddenly see him stabbing his wife! Of course later, it is established that her husband was just thinking about it.  The second promo shows the couple walking happily in a park and her husband even offers her a jacket ; but in the next scene when her husband is putting a pearl necklace on her, he strangles her! Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself:


Another promo shows the couple happy, and he takes her to an area near a cliff. The view is exhilarating, and as she goes towards the edge to get a better view, he pushes her a little, and when she holds his hand, he lets her go. She is seen falling off the cliff, screaming.

This show reminds me of two popular shows on Indian Television that aired a couple of years back – “Chehra” and “Chhal” – where both had an element of shock in a happy married life.

“Main Na Bhoolungi” is rumoured to be replacing “Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi” and the show will probably start airing around the end of December. And guess what, Sakshi Tanwar (aka Priya of Bade Acche Lagte Hain) will be making a cameo in the first few episodes!

The tagline of this show is “Sapno Jaisi Zindagi Agar Ek Bura Sapna Ban Jaaye Toh?” – What happens when your world dreams become a nightmare? Perhaps this show will address the topic of the rising crimes against women in India.
Psst..Don’t forget to check out the new music video and its initiative supporting crime against women or simply it watch it here below:

So let us know what you think of the promo and prep to yourself to be a part of the mystery as it unravels!


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