Nisha Jhangiani (The Magic of Hypnosis)

“The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think.”
― Scott D. Lewis

hypnoticAs a layman, I understand hypnosis to be a psychological condition (somewhat like a deep meditation) where you are induced to exhibit apparent changes in behavior, thought, or affect.  According to the North Calorina Society of Hypnosis, approximately 85% of people can go into at least a light trance which is enough for almost everyone to actually get hypnotized. Hypnosis has been used in the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, stress, habit disorders, and many other psychological and medical problems. However, the decision to use hypnosis as a component of treatment should only be made in consultation with a qualified health care provider.

As stated in my earlier post, I am going to showcase different people this year on the blog –  people with unique professions and who simply love what they do. As you might have already guessed, the first person to be on the “Love My Work” feature is a dear friend and a professional hypnotherapist – Nisha Jhangiani.

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Nisha’s interest and passion for the field of hypnosis began at the age of 15 when she accidentally stumbled upon a book on hypnotic patterns by an iconic figure in the world of hypnosis – Dr. Milton H Erickson. Nisha, who holds a degree in Economics & Business Management from The Singapore Management University, initially started her career in Business Media as a conference and business development manager. In the midst of her stint, she had attended a seminar by an author who had used hypnosis for therapy and other purposes.

Nisha says, “The whole idea behind hypnosis is that our mind is so much more powerful than we believe it to be and once you tap into its resources virtually anything is possible. This thought fascinated me and I went on to explore this field further and it became a passion of mine. Little did I realize that someday I would have the privilege of turning my passion into a career!”

Mind Wellness Hypnotherapy

After nearly two years in her previous role, Nisha decided it was time to move on. She enrolled herself and completed a course in hypnotherapy and as luck would have it, the institute where she obtained her certification from offered her the role of a consulting hypnotherapist. Nisha’s organization “Mind Wellness Hypnotherapy” was established on this very simple premise – if your mind is powerful enough to create problems, that very power can be used to solve them. Let’s hear more about hypnosis from Nisha.

So, what is hypnosis?

“It is basically a state of focused attention which creates a state of heightened suggestibility. There is no magic here per se and every normal person is in this state 10-15 times a day. Whether you are watching television and you miss the phone ringing or you are so focused on driving or your thoughts that you miss your exit etc. My job is to prolong this state for around an hour and provide positive suggestions that help with any given issues.”

Hypnosis is NOT mind control.

“The most important thing is that this is not mind control. You will not accept any suggestion that is fundamentally against your beliefs or wishes. If a hypnotist or hypnotherapist were to attempt giving such a suggestion, the client would simply emerge and walk away from the session”.


Benefits of Hypnosis 

“Hypnosis is highly useful to curb habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, nail biting, stress and anger management, phobias, emotional and relationship issues, workplace issues, self-confidence/esteem and much more. Apart from that, one key area which every woman would be interested in here would be hypnosis for weight management. The process of hypnosis can significantly speed up the process and make it much easier to shed those extra lbs. There is vast amount of literature out there and cutting edge techniques in hypnosis related to weight management.”

Risks of Hypnosis

“There are no risks involved  as such. Changes simply cannot happen if a client is fundamentally aligned against them. People sometimes think they could get stuck in hypnosis. This is actually impossible! If you leave a person long enough in hypnosis they will simply dose off to sleep and wake up refreshed!”

How can I be a hypnotherapist in Singapore?

“There are a few places in Singapore that teach hypnotherapy. The basic requirement would be a certificate by the National Guild of Hypnotists which is the international body that governs the practice of hypnosis. The institute I have worked with is called The Pathlight Centre and it has a very unique teaching method which is highly practical and hands on”.

Your goals for Mind Wellness Hypnotherapy?

“I look forward to use it as a platform to get as many people aware about the option of hypnotherapy as a very practical form of therapy. I am not a fan of this idea of alternate medicine because the areas I deal with are not really meant to be addressed by the field of the traditional scope medicine. I do hope that someday hypnotherapy and other techniques working with the mind find a voice alongside traditional medicine. So I do hope that I can help as many people cope with their everyday problems and generate greater awareness for this field of hypnosis for the purpose of therapy.”

Wow, didn’t you guys find this totally interesting and inspiring? Here’s wishing Nisha all the best for her future endeavors. And if you want to find out more about Nisha and her company, feel free to contact her via the below mentioned links.

Twitter: @mnwellness

Hope you enjoyed our maiden “LOVE YOUR WORK” feature.

Stay tuned for more such inspiring ideas, professions, people and stories!



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