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Preetika Rao sounds exactly like her elder sister, Amrita Rao. Of course, she would beg to disagree with me on this! Starting her career as a journalist, Preetika ventured down south and got her first film offer in 2010. Her debut was a Tamil romantic film, Chikku Bukku, where she played the role of a Tamil Brahmin girl. She then quit films and proceeded to do a screenplay diploma from the New York Film Institute. After that, she came to Mumbai and is currently acting in a television show – “Beintehaa” which airs on Colors with co-star Harshad. Let’s find out more about her.

A bit of background …

I was always a little confused. Having grown up watching my sister, I always admired her work and profession. She has been in this industry for 12 years. Her passion for cinema is huge. I have deviated and have done modelling, south films, journalism and now I am here making my debut on TV. I had gone to the US after taking a break from the south movies. But when I got back, I had an influx of TV offers. Suddenly TV industry has become very glamorous with the Bollywood biggies being a part of it. Hence, I met some producers and auditioned for few challenging roles. I was selected for four shows but then I selected this one.

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How did Beintehaan happen …

Harshad and I were actually called by the channel for some other show. But it didn’t materialise and we again met for Beintehaa. Initially, we did not get along well but now we have developed a friendship.

The model-turned-actor has made a fan base in and outside India too and said life has changed a lot after the show. In fact her celebrity sister, Amrita, is also an ardent fan of the show.. does she watch your show …

Amrita feels that TV today is a big platform and she feels proud when people talk to her about me. She is a religious follower of my show and if she skips any of the episodes then she makes it a point of watching it on the youtube. She gives me feedback and even praises me when I give a shot nicely.

What do you love most about the show …

The best part of the show is its Muslim backdrop. There are only a few shows on TV that focuses on the Muslim traditions. Moreover it’s a prime time show. It has a glamorous set-up with an intriguing storyline.


Has life changed after television …

Life has changed a lot after this show. My popularity quotient has become quite high and it feels good when I get mails from young college going girls who consider me as their idol. Today when I step out, people call me by my character’s name. I also get mails from Pakistan, US, UK and Canada and they appreciate my work.
Why do you love your work …

Trust me, TV is tough. In the last 48 hours I have slept for 8 hours but my entire family loves the fact that I am on TV. They are excited to see the hoardings outside. Especially, my mom – she loves Colors. She is happy that I am on her favourite channel. That makes me happy.




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