L’Oreal Paris Sabyasachi Lipstick | Review

Hey guys, I tried the brand new L’Oreal Paris Sabyasachi, shade 263, Pure Garnet. I think it’s amazing for the Indian skin tone. This is my first impression of the lipstick.

(+) Points
Lovely colour
Classy packaging
Matte but doesn’t causes cracks between lips
Creamy texture and mosturizes lips
1-2 application is enough for a full coverage

(-) Points
Occasion-based. Don’t think it can be used as an everyday wear.
A little expensive compared to other lipsticks.

I have used this lipstick for a week now and in terms of how long it lasts – let me tell you, this lasts me for at least 3-4 hours before I need to touch up or eat/drink something. Loved it.

You can watch the full review here:

Tell me if you have tried any shade from the Sabyasachi collection!



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