Lisa Haydon Shares Her Hair Secrets

So last week, shampoo brand, Pantene brought model Lisa Haydon  and hair expert, Coleen Khan together to showcase the importance of inner strength when it comes to hair as only hair which is strong from within can be shiny outside!

Lisa Haydon for Pantene 3

While talking about the secrets to maintaining her hair Lisa  said,

“When it comes to my hair, I believe only if it’s strong from inside, can it truly be shiny and beautiful. No styling products or salon visits are the secret behind my hair. I use the total damage care pantene shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis not just because it gives my hair a lovely sheen but more so because I can feel my hair has become stronger and healthier. Brushing my lustrous hair is now a delight!”

Lisa Haydon for Pantene 1

Coleen Khan also reiterated the importance of hair being stronger from within by adding,

“I’ve had many clients who have come to me complaining of lack luster hair. They all want that shiny, beautiful hair which they can put up in fancy hair styles. However most people do not understand the basic fundamentals when it comes to hair! Our hair needs proper care and to get that lovely sheen in your hair, your hair requires proper nourishment especially from within. Strength is a major attribute of healthy & shiny hair – the stronger, the better! Using the right shampoo and conditioner is key to building a base of healthy, strong hair. Only when your hair is strong from within can you get that lovely lustrous mane.”


The Pantene range is equipped with the Pro V formula technology which restores hair strength and shine from within. The range includes different variants such as Total Damage Care and Hair Fall Control to meet your specific needs.


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