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Let It Be . . .

Ritwika Gupta Fashion Blogger

Too often we forget what it’s like to just let it be. Whether it’s worry, anxiety, questions, incomplete stories or obligations – sometimes we need to let go and leave things the way they are. We spend hours questioning what could be and what is, we hopelessly wish to rewind time, for that one last hug, one last embrace… The past couple of months have been a roller coaster ride & taught me lessons about success, competition, temporary ties, independence and loss. And just like the chapters of an old cherished novel – we read them, appreciate the stories, pick up the lessons and move on… & for somethings which we don’t have control over, we need to just let them be.

Top & Skirt – Global Desi
Earrings – Mum’s (from Singapore)
Sandals – Thrifted
Necklace – Bandra
Bangles – Ayesha

Photography – Merilyn Pereira


Ritwika Gupta Fashion Blogger

Ritwika Gupta Fashion Blogger


Ritwika Gupta Fashion Blogger

Ritwika Gupta Fashion Blogger


Ritwika Gupta Fashion Blogger

Well, it’s been rather long that I did an outfit post. I’ve been super busy juggling multiple things & honestly, I cannot wait to take a breather – to simply relax, rejuvenate and get inspired! At the moment, I think inspiration is something that is highly lacking in my life ..

Now, I absolutely love dressing up to my state of mind & I totally feel tropical in the head these days.. And you can’t blame me. It’s been getting hotter and hotter… Summer IS here & I thought I should give the jeans and leggings a break. The skirt I am wearing is from Global Desi – very Asian in design. I wouldn’t say it is exactly a Peranakan skirt but it is close to being a sarong and the best part is – it’s so versatile, comfortable and can easily be transformed into an evening attire if need be.

Oh and if you know me well, you will never spot me wearing a pair of flats! I love my wedges and sky high heels but I am starting to adapt to flip flops now ‘cos roads in India are crazy and I am prone to sprain my ankle…  so, nowadays I do wear almost flat sandals (with SOME heels of course).

And this season, skirts are going to be my perfect companions!

What’s going to be your obsession this summer?

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