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Lakme Fashion Week 2016 – Behind The Scenes

High heels, designer clothes, lots of oomph and all the fashion drama – but there’s a lot to fashion weeks than just runways and this is what I am going to talk about in this post. During Lakme Fashion Week 2016, I checked out all the activities that were  happening outside the main show areas.

feature lakme fashion week 2016



Just like last year, Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 was held at the St Regis hotel in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Usually held on the 8-9th floors of the hotel, it’s a pretty huge infrastructure and there were shows presented even near the swimming pool this year. While the 8th floor has a smaller stage and designer exhibition pits, the 9th floor boasts of a beautiful terrace garden lounge where you will find designers, stylists, celebrities and bloggers mingling and socializing.


As soon as you enter, you will see a huge white board with scribbled messages connecting fashion talent. So a lot of people leave messages related to fashion with their contacts etc, it’s pretty cool.

Once you come out to the terrace lounge, you can enjoy the breeze, have a glass of wine & take photographs while waiting in between for shows.

feature lakme fashion week 2016


Speaking of photos, I am sure by now you guys must know how much I love the LYF smartphones. I’ve been using this Earth version for the last few days & it’s been an amazing experience. I even did a mini review about in my last post.  Do check it out here.

Like I was telling you in my earlier post, the LYF smartphone photobooth is totally beautiful. At Lakme Fashion Week,  #‎lyfsmartphones emphasized the theme ‪#‎fashionmeetstechnology & it’s so evident with the number of people using smartphones to click photos & selfies at the event.

lyf booth lakme fashion week

Apart from that, Magnum came up with a very interesting photobooth too! Apart from giving away free ice-creams, the theme for the brand was – #Magnumeetsfashion and this, I thought was very interesting. They had a cute photobooth where you could pick and choose what’s your style! As far as I go, Magnum India thought I was flirty! I am not complaining!

 lakme fashion week 2016 ritwika gupta

Then, there was the #BRUGoldCoffee pit stop at the fashion week terrace where everyone flocked to get their daily dose of caffeine. Sadly, I am a tea drinker . So I didn’t really have the coffee but of course a photo at the pit didn’t harm.

 lakme fashion week 2016 ritwika gupta

And in between all those photos and drinks in case you wanted to grab a bite, there was Courtyard Café that offered a good variety of dishes including amazing chicken burgers & veg sandwiches.

 lakme fashion week 2016 ritwika gupta

There was also an interesting #doubtisout photobooth by Ajio.com that allowed you to pick and choose what’s in and what’s out – Of course, when I had the chance to pick what’s hot for me, I chose high heels and Virat Kohli. Hehehe.

 lakme fashion week 2016 ritwika gupta

But the whole idea here was to really not doubt yourself when it comes to your likes, dislikes and fashion choices too – No matter who you are, be yourself and throw away the doubt that you don’t fit in. Interesting right?

And finally, it was all ‪#‎IlluminateAndShine at the Lakme Absolute counter at Lakme Fashion Week. They had a regal looking dressing studio which showcased the newest range of shimmer lipsticks, eyeshadows straight down from the runway! Lakmé Absolute Illuminate – where jewellery weds colour. I loved all the photos here which were taken using the LYF smartphone (Earth version). (Shout out to Ekta & Monish for helping me click the pics)!

 lakme fashion week 2016 ritwika gupta

IMG_3472 IMG_3467 IMG_3465

IMG_3515 IMG_3462

 lakme fashion week 2016 ritwika gupta


Well, the fashion fiesta was totally in the air and this was my attempt to tell you what goes on in fashion weeks apart from the actual designer shows.  Apart from the above, I ended up bumping into a lot of my blogger friends. On the whole, Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 was great fun!

Lakme Fashion Week Ritwika Gupta

Lakme Fashion Week Ritwika Gupta

Lakme Fashion Week Ritwika Gupta


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