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Hey girls!!

How’re you all doing? Weather in Mumbai has drastically changed in the last couple of weeks, hasn’t it? Say hello to summer & humidity, once again. And of course keeping this in mind, I’d like to urge all you beautiful people – please do not leave home without dabbing sunscreen on your face, hands & areas that are exposed to the sun. Can’t emphasize this enough & you’ve no idea what difference it actually makes in the long run. But apart from skin care, choosing the right set of makeup isn’t very easy during the summer because half of the time, whether it’s your kajal or lipstick – let’s face it – most of these don’t last more than just a couple of hours. BUT MAYBE, I’ve found my solution to that.

So last week, I received a goodie bag from Inglot. Now I’ve been familiar with Inglot as a brand as it’s hugely popular in Singapore. In India however, it’s still taking its time to cement its base. But given the quality of products, I won’t be surprised if it becomes a favourite amongst Indian ladies – at least for me, I am a fan!

inglot cosmetics by ritwika 1

These are goodies I received from Inglot –

a) A cute pen drive


(and yippie it’s pink!!)

IMG_2423 lr

b) An under makeup base
c) O2M Nail Enamel
d) Eye Shadow Palette
e) Lipstick Rouge
f) Kohl Pencil


inglot cosmetics by ritwika 2

I quite liked the Inglot under makeup base – this one is essentially your primer – it’s a thin and transparent gel, made with silicones to help in better application of the foundation. It also makes the makeup long lasting. For me, it lasted close to 5-6 hours. Good enough. BUT if ONLY this base would come with SPF. Hopeful, much?

Rating: 3/5
Price: Rs 800



This is my first eyeshadow from Inglot & the brand has a concept called freedom system, where you can select different eye shadows as per your wish and create a palette of your own. And if you go to their website, you’ll find close to 200 shades of eye shadows – each one equipped to create a smoky look.

inglot cosmetics by ritwika 3

I love the casing, it’s so different! I was happy with the brown shades; they are staple-must-have colours for every girl but I expected the blue ones to be a little darker.

Rating: 3/5
Price: Rs 450 (without palette)


inglot cosmetics by ritwika 4

Okay, so if I have to pick a favourite amongst all the products that I received, it’s got to be this Inglot Kohl pencil. It’s by far the best kohl I’ve ever used – it’s dark, lasting & doesn’t smudge at all! No kidding.


Also, I’ve super sensitive eyes & my eyes turn red easily after putting kajal but this one had no such adverse reactions. In fact, it was light, water resistant & gives really dark kohl rimmed eyes in just one swipe.

Rating: 5/5
Price: Rs 850



inglot cosmetics by ritwika 5

Next up was the lipstick rouge for me – I got the #480 shade which is red & completely matte. I am a sucker for red lipsticks but it’s important to also know the ‘right’ red that suits your complexion.


For me, this one complemented my skin tone. And I personally prefer matter to gloss, so I liked the finish & to top it all, the lipstick had a nice juicy (cranberry) smell/taste. The only thing is it didn’t last as long as I thought it would, maybe 2 hours max.

Price: Rs 950
Rating: 3.5/5


inglot cosmetics by ritwika 6

Perhaps this is most talked about product for Inglot India right now. If you are not aware, then let me tell you that last week on Women’s Day – Inglot broke the Guinness world record for the maximum number of women painting their nails at one place. The event was held at High Street Phoenix where Sonakshi Sinha was also present & she participated as well. I thought this was a fantastic way to promote the O2M range of nail polishes & the brand has a mind blowing collection of more than 400 shades!



I received this pretty pink colour. And the most interesting part of their nail polish range is the formula which ensures that your nails won’t starve for oxygen, also allowing water vapour permeability. But apart from breathable nails, this one also provides rich opaque coverage. I got my nails painted 6 days back & they haven’t chipped. What more can you ask for?
Price: Rs. 800
Rating: 5/5

inglot cosmetics by ritwika 7

Overall, I was happy with all the products. The packaging for each was classy. The ingredient details were mentioned at the back of the covers along with the quantity of each product. I highly recommend the nail polish & kohl. These products are available at selective malls in Mumbai & also on the website.

Till the next review, cheers!
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