I am a woman in love: Kareena Kapoor

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I am a woman in love: Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor, who has acted in more than 50 films, has been recently awarded the NDTV Entertainer Of The Decade award. It has been a decade since “Chameli” and Kareena Kapoor has surely come a long way. Looking beautiful in a stunning red and white Manish Malhotra Sari, the new Mrs Khan said that the portrayal of women in Indian cinema is changing and increasingly film directors are creating more meaningful roles for them.

In most parts of India, women lead subservient lives, and Bollywood’s portrayal of women is no different. In most Indian films, the female lead’s job is to pout and make the male protagonist look good. To that, Bebo added that Bollywood has begun portraying women in a more positive manner.

“Roles are being written by new and young directors and they are showing that we are not just objects of desire,” she said.

Kapoor was speaking on New Delhi Television channel (NDTV) yesterday after receiving the award. Considering how Saif Ali Khan and Bebo are shooting in different locations, the host asked Kareena how she manages to cope up with busy schedules and distance after marriage.

To that, Kareena replied, “I am a woman in love. And when you are in love, you cross boundaries and any sort of way to come and see each other!”

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Ps. Check out Kareena’s Interview Below !

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