How To Wear The Team India CWC Jersey

Hello to all #CWC Team India supporters! I am sure all you are going gaga over this season’s Cricket World Cup as our men in blue are killing it on the field. During the last couple of days, a few of my cricket loving friends had taken it upon themselves to display their love for the game & the country by donning the Team India Blue jerseys while watching the match at my home! Waking up at 9am to watch a match is so ain’t my thing but hey, I actually had fun – not just because of the match but also for the reason that it inspired me to do a post on ‘How To Wear The Team India CWC Jersey’…  Why? Because it’s time to go Blue this world cup season!

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Five Rules To Keep In Mind While Wearing The Team India Jersey

1) Wear The Actual Team Colours . . .

This is the first & basic rule. I have been following the cricket world cup and while it’s great to see some people having fun in yellow, pink and red ‘Team India’ jerseys, I strongly suggest if you are supporting your favourite team, you ought to wear the actual team colours. Get yourself a real jersey & be proud to wear it. ( Psst.. just in case you are supporting ‘Team India’ & you don’t know, the colour of the jersey is BLUE, neither yellow nor pink.)

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2) Wear The Jersey Tucked Out . . .


It just looks better, doesn’t it? Yes, I agree that our men in blue (the actual cricketers) have to tuck in their jerseys while playing but that is due to the protocols on the ground. As a supporter or cricket fan – I would suggest chill out & do not tuck it the jersey. Keep it casual.

3) Comfortable Shoes . . .

Sneakers are the safest choices when it comes to shoes that go with your jersey. But if you are at a stadium and it’s hot, flip flops and flats are acceptable too. Unless you are very sure that you will be comfortable, avoid those high heels and wedges.

4) Get A Jersey That Fits You . . .


Actually, this does not only apply to jerseys but clothing of any kind. But jerseys in particular can look really awful if you wear a size that is too small or too big for you. Get one that fits you just right. IF & ONLY you have no other option, go with one size above to be safe!

5) Dress It Up . . .


Instead of wearing the jersey with casual denims, dress it up with killer leggings, a cardigan and a statement bag. Accessorize – wear colourful bangles, paint your faces and don’t be afraid to experiment.




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