Himalaya Youth Eternity Range Review

Over the years, I’ve tried several hacks for good skin that I came across on the internet. Using lemon on the face for pigmentation, toothpaste for a pimple, wasabi paste for fuller lips and what not! Not all of them are however super effective. It has taken me a while to understand that good skincare involves a daily, disciplined regimen and habits. And it is best if you form these good habits when you are young because that makes all the difference. It’s winter now and as I can observe, my skin has become a lot drier. As with many of us here, a good level of hydration is a must at all time during this season. Himalaya recently launched its “Youth Eternity” range that is formulated from the finest of nature’s youth-preserving ingredients.


The products have been specially formulated using stem cells from the Edelweiss Plant. Found in the Swiss Alps, the Edelweiss Plant is proven to have unique restorative and rejuvenating properties that retain the youthfulness of the skin. The stem cells are combined with herbal active extracts of flowers to hydrate and regenerate your skin.


I have been lucky enough to try three of the products in this range – the day cream, the night cream and and an eye cream. Not only do all of these products preserve the beauty of youth, but they also leave your skin moisturized and soft.


I loved using the Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream. In a nutshell, this is a lightweight daily moisturiser that defends your skin against premature ageing and smells good too. It is non-greasy, fast-absorbing and consists of a powerful blend of botanical extracts that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and re-plump your skin, leaving it looking healthier and younger. Using a day cream is so important and this one also gives you a dewy softness.


I also tried the Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream which once again provides intense hydration leaving a healthy, even-toned skin in the morning. I am quite allergic to night creams, in general, but using the youth eternity night cream did not cause any irritation or breakouts. This could be because the Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream is made from natural extracts and therefore works with my skin and not against it.


The Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and is a superior blend of ingredients like Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle, Cipadessa and Amla. I applied the under-eye cream half an hour before going to bed. It is incredibly relaxing and gently hydrates the tender skin around my eyes. After using this for the last 7 days, my under eye areas feel so much softer in the morning.


These products are easy to carry around and affordable. Of course, you will notice the best results when you use all these three products together and I highly recommend you give them a shot.

Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream – Rs 499 (50 ml)

Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream – Rs 499 (50 ml)

Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream – Rs 525 (15 ml)


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