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So, a little birdie told us about a fading female Bollywood star, who is patiently awaiting the release of her much-delayed comeback project & is making every effort to keep herself in shape, has been quite a bully at gym in Khar, Mumbai.
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One hears the actress, who lives in Bandra, religiously shows up every other evening for her workout at a famed pilates studio in Khar, where she spends close to two hours knocking herself into shape. This exclusive studio is reportedly designed in a way that only one person can utilise each facility at a time, and other patrons have complained that the actress regularly throws her weight around, cutting queues and demanding preferential treatment.

According to one source, she stared down a hapless lady till the poor thing gave up her workout on the treadmill and left the room for the actress. Cocking a snook at the terrified lady, the star then allegedly yelled for a gym help and demanded that he spray disinfectant “everywhere”.


Other patrons have said the actress brings her lightweight laptop and watches American sitcoms with earphones jammed in her ears while she’s on the treadmill, often going way beyond her allotted time slot. When one patron politely interrupted the star during her routine to check if she might have left her car keys in the room during her workout just before, she claims the actress barked at her impatiently and shooed her away without so much as bothering to look for the keys herself, or allowing the desperate woman to look for them.

Repeated complaints to the management have proved futile, because the owner of the studio, a star-struck chap, doesn’t have the courage to ask the actress to improve her manners.

Source : Rajeev Masand

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