Kareena’s Dog “Elvis Kapoor” Is On Twitter !


Wow, for those who are completely clueless on what I am talking about – well, you might have just guessed it right. Elvis is apparently the name of Bebo’s pet terrier. AND…..Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor’s pet dog has a twitter account under the name of “Nawaab Elvis Kapoor“.

What has the world come to!

nawab elvis twitter

It was Saif Ali Khan who had gifted Kareena Kapoor with the pet dog and they both named it “Elvis”.

TOI reported that the 6 months old Elvis, had become a neighbourhood favourite – so much so that every other animal lover in Bandra was absolutely fascinated with him. Little did we know that he would become increasingly popular online as well !

As absurd as it might sound, it has just been only a week and the account (probably created by a Kareena Kapoor Fan) already has about 115 followers and regularly posts some incredibly hysterical one-liners. Here’s an excerpt of this utter madness:

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor @ElvisKapoor

Yay, I am on twitter, bitches!! Woof. #ElvisKapoorKhan#KareenasDog

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor

Figured out Twitter before my human, #KareenaKapoor, did.#ElvisKapoorKhan

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor @ElvisKapoor

Woof @shahidkapoor – what were you doing outside our window with binoculars.

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor

#KareenaKapoor Wake up! Take me for a walk.@KareenaK_FC

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor @ElvisKapoor

Score! I’m gonna be in Bebo’s next item number! Take that Sheila and Munni #KareenaKapoor #SaifAliKhan

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor

Bebo says, everyone runs away like crazy when they see Sonakshi aunty, they apparently think a bulldozer is headed their way.

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor

I am out with Bebo buying a new couch. @sonakshisinha came over on Sunday and sat on our old couch, its not even recognizable now. #RIPCouch

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor

Everytime I meet Anushka aunty her face looks different.But I love her cos she is bag of bones and dogs love bones. @anushkasharma01

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor @ElvisKapoor

*woof woof* I spotted a parrot outside my window. Never mind. That’s Saifu’s ‘nose’.

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor @ElvisKapoor

If u ppl are wondering how I tweet,its from my personal IPad.Yes,I got one before Aaru bachchan got hers and I’m younger than her. Beat that.

Nawaab Elvis Kapoor @ElvisKapoor

When Katrina aunty went for admission in community college,the counseller told her she has a super power.Lying.She should use it properly.

kareena's doggie

The Mystery of Elvis Kapoor continues …..

We do not know the background of this doggie celebrity, who borders along the line of being a genius with funny one-liners, “too free” a person, hilarious, witty and sometimes, very mean!! But this person is definitely someone who is a sucker for Bollywood gossips and is doing a damn good job at it! We wonder if Bebo knows about this -it is a shame though that Elvis learned how to use a ipad before her! Pets getting tech-savvy faster than a certain Kareena Kapoor Khan. (kidding Bebo, we love you! :P)

Perhaps Nawaab Elvis Kapoor should host his TV show. It will surely give incredible competition to Koffee with Karan ! And maybe. JUST maybe, he should call it
“Bark & Bite with Elvis Kapoor”.
What say?

Lol – apart from having a strong chance of getting into trouble with the rather offensive tweets, Nawaab Elvis Kapoor is doing a fine job providing some non-stop 24/7 entertainment. Enjoy while you can : http://www.twitter.com/elviskapoor

And yes Elvis, this one’s for you :

dog bone

Courtesy : members @ InDiaforums and google images

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