GIPPI: Movie Review


By: Harsh

Cast : Riya Vij, Taaha Shah and Divya Dutta
Music direction : Vishal–Shekhar
Direction : Sonam Nair

gippi 2

Plot :

Gippy is a movie that we all knew right from the trailers. Of course, the screenplay and direction is good and Riya Vij’s performance in the movie is very convincing. The movie revolves around the circumstances and awkward situations that come by and the different ways people try to overcome them. The girly problems in school that every girl has is very well displayed and kids will definitely relate to the movie. Though we know about the story, the movie is still one of it’s kind and it quite gippidifferent from all the other Karan Johar movies.

Execution :

The movie is a brilliant case on the problems little kids face due to their personalities. It’s not just about being fat but also other problems that kids face and the actions, reactions they go through. Riya Vij has done an excellent job in the film and surely she’s going to bag other child artist roles. The story seems a little slow. Riya’s acting was very natural and kept the movie’s flow going. Karan Johar has done an excellent job casting her as the role was quite apt and justice was done!

Technicality :

Gippi_4The cinematography and the music is pretty good and fun. Debuante director, Sonam Nair has done an exceptional job and describes Gippy’s life beautifully. The emotional aspect of the movie was very important and was done with perfection.

Overview :

The movie takes us through the journey of the troubles and awkwardness high school students go through. Their need to belong and grow up yet have a soft child like heart. The characters in the movie are real and not reel. Once can actually relate to these characters and understand what they are going through.

The movie takes us on a journey back to school where we all faced some kind of problems and either bullied or got bullied by other kids. It’s a must watch for kids as it is not meant to make fun but to enlighten us about the difficulties kids face. One can actually relate to all the characters and one will surely enjoy!

: A one-of-a-kind movie where everybody played their part beautifully.



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