Get Gorgeous! (Review)

Sweet girl-next-door or the hottest bombshell in your friend circle?
Bubbly prankster or the ambitious diva?

Spotlight presents to you some simple tips on beauty, fitness & fashion mantra for all you ladies out there to get glowing and mesmerize everyone around you !

skin care

Skin Care Regimen – for healthy & fresh skin

Before going to bed, clean your face with a cleansing milk and cotton pads and then wash your face thoroughly with a good branded or medicated face wash.
Our pick : Himalaya Cleansing Cream & Sebamed Facial Wash

Apply a calamine lotion or a medicated moisturizer on your face and neck.

cetaphilOur Pick : Cetaphil Mosturizer

Repeat the same procedure after you wake up in the morning. You will be surprised how much of makeup residue comes out on the cotton pad first thing in the morning.  Drink lots of water. Sleep well (at least 7 hours a day). Go for monthly facials or clean/ups. Apply sunblock before stepping out of your house.


Beauty Essentials 

1) Kajal (Kohl) Our Pick : Lakme

2) One hot red shade matte lipstick : Our Pick : Max Factor

bobbi brown

 3) Powder Compact   Our Pick : Bobbi Brown

Hair Care

Oil you hair before shampooing it at least twice a week! You shall avoid dryness and weakness of roots and hair fall by doing so. Also keep the oil over night for best results!
Our pick : Parachute Oil

parachute oil

Defining Style

Style has to be customized and style needs to feel comfortable following which one shall automatically exude confidence.

lace dress

Some must haves in your wardrobe

One lace dress 

– A black colored and 1 off-white colored slim fit pants

– A pair of colourful shoes

– At least one favourite branded hand bag

– Jackets in black, off white and beige are compulsory.

Hope you like our simple spotlight get gorgeous tips !




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