Fly Away Unicorn

Dress: Bombay Paisley by Westside
Photography: Neha Bandodkar

My birthday was last month and I received a lot of birthday wishes (I’m sorry I’ve yet to reply to all of them!!) and also a number of questions. One of the most interesting questions was – ‘is it worth it to follow your dreams’?

Now before I answer the question – let me begin by telling you a little about me (if you already don’t know). I used to be a professional dancer for nearly 7 years (dancing in big Bollywood groups which also gave me the chance to dance alongside SRK in Singapore) while I was studying in university. When I came to Mumbai, I got bitten by the acting bug which led me to doing a lot of ads, theatre. But I found my career moving towards anchoring & writing (blogging included)…. And if I were to tell you honestly, I had never ever imagined that this would be my calling.

But does that mean that dance & theatre are out of the equation completely? Nope. I still continue pursuing them. I want to take this blog a notch higher and I’ve so many plans for Spotlight &  my YouTube channel.

The only reason people choose not to follow their dreams is fear. Fear of failure. Of course, following your dreams is not going to be easy. And you will see a lot of things not going your way as you planned it. You’ll have all sorts of people telling you it’s insensible, it’s reckless, it’s crazy.

But somehow, in some way, you would manage to create the life you’d never want to escape.

Have I achieved all my dreams yet? Nope. But can I say with complete certainty that I am now the happiest version of myself that I believe I could ever be? Yes.


Till my next post,


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