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I was invited by Head and Shoulders for the launch of their new ad campaign – ‘Pyaar Mein No Side Effects‘ at JW Marriot in Mumbai. Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is the brand ambassador of Head and Shoulders was present at the event and looked absolutely stunning in a blue Paule Ka gathered dress and basic pointed pumps.

Head & Shoulders Brand Ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan - 1

Head & Shoulders Brand Ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan - 2

Head & Shoulders took up an initiative to bring people closer and the idea behind the campaign was to understand the physical and emotional phenomenon of hair fall and the effect it has on the youth today.




After the media conference and an appetizing lunch hosted at Marriot, I had the opportunity to have a short tete-a-tete with Bebo. From her upcoming films to her beauty regime, Kareena shared a lot with me during this loveee-eeely meeting! Enjoy reading ..

Did you know Kareena has an absolute no-fuss beauty regime. When I asked her what the secret behind her glowing skin is, she chuckled and said:

I do not believe in spending a lot of money on gazillion skin products. I’d rather buy a pair of shoes! But yes, I try to wash my face regularly with lukewarm water and that does wonders for me.


Kareena’s 3 must-have beauty essentials:
1. Almond and Coconut oil
2.  Cetaphil Mosturizer
3. Lakme Absolute Kajal

Me: How do you maintain such lovely hair?
“Well, apart from Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Shampoo, I use almond oil with a mix of coconut oil. It’s amazing!”

Me: Your first Hair Moment with Saif?
 Kareena:  “You know often people miss out on how hair fall and dandruff can affect relationships and that’s what the campaign is all about. Personally speaking, I always thought Saif Ali Khan was one of the best looking men I had come across but we weren’t friends till we started working on Tashan. What instantly drew me to him was his sense of humor and love for adventure. We went on a motorcycle ride … Imagine if I would have had hair fall or dandruff when sitting close to him on a bike, it would of course have been a turn-off.”

“Saif loves my long luscious hair and I can only have long hair if I have no hair fall guaranteed by H&S anti-hairfall.”

Me: But what do you do on a bad hair day?
Kareena: “I would call Pompi (her hairstylist) or just tie my hair into a knot.”

Me: Beauty Products you love?
Kareena: Lakmé Absolute Kajal is spectacular. I have travelled the world and tried a lot of  liners but nothing matched up to it.  Apart from that, I would say the Cetaphil Moisturizing cream suits me well.”

Me: Your favourite fashion icon from Bollywood?
Kareena: “It has to be my sister, Lolo (Karisma Kapoor) – she’s always dressed elegantly and doesn’t look like a mother of two.”

“It’s always fun to work with Salman. Salman and I make a lovely pairing and I am playing a Brahmin girl opposite him in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.”

Me: What are your upcoming films?
“There’s GABBAR with Akshay Kumar and BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN with Salman Khan which I should start shooting for by the end of October. It should be a big Eid 2015 release.”


Me: A message for your the fans on Spotlight …
“Enjoy every moment. Navratri is here, Diwali is also coming. It is a very popular time, especially in India since everyone comes together for the family. So I would say just feel good, eat whatever you want and use Head & Shoulders.”

And how could I possibly miss out on a selfie with the talented actress !!





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