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I have a number of friends and family living overseas and I often get asked about things to do when in Mumbai – where to go/shop/eat/chill. So, here I am answering all the questions and exploring some of the fun and (mostly) free things to do in this city of dreams. In my new vlog series, ‘Everything Everywhere’ (season 1), join me as I take you to some of my favourite places in Mumbai, doing some of my favourite things. Where to shop in Mumbai, beaches in Mumbai, where to chill, where to go in Mumbai – all your questions answered! New episode out every Friday, 12pm (IST)

Here’s the promo:


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Shot on iPhone 10 by Stendor Sorout (thank you !!!)
Edited using iMovies by Ritwika Gupta
Music: All Taken From YouTube Audio Library |
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Specific Soundtracks:

Royal Mountain Breakdown
City Night Lights
Half Day
Easy Saturday
Echo Sclavi
Key to your heart


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