Ek Hasina Thi Ends With A Bang!

The popular show “Ek Hasina Thi” came to a fantastic end on 20 December 2014. The suspense-filled show ended triumphantly with the Goenkas being sentenced to jail and Durga getting justice for Payal.



The show which had been topping the TRP list lately has gotten much support thus far, primarily because it is a unique concept to Indian Television. Unlike the typical saas-bahu drama, Ek Hasina Thi was filled with mystery from the very beginning, and with each episode, more and more secrets would be unravelled.




The show followed the story of Durga Thakur (Sanjeeda Sheikh), who was seeking justice for her sister Payal (Teena Chopra). Payal had been raped by Shaurya Goenka (Vatsal Seth) and a few of his friends two years back, alas, the show came to its conclusion when Durga was successful in ruining the Goenkas,  who had committed other heinous crimes as well. Despite that, at the end of the episode, Durga got a call, and she heard Shaurya’s infamous whistle again. Does this mean that Ek Hasina Thi will have a season 2? What are your views? Share them here!



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