Dress Up Your Home !

Turn your home into the living space you always wanted it to be with decorative details and accents.


Dress up your home with some vintage cake stands, printed cushions, lampshades, photo-frames and printed jars with Sussanne Roshan’s newly launched online shopping store The Home Label.  Sussanne Roshan, brings with her 15 years of  design experience working with discerning clientele from around the world. This is also supported by her education in interior design from Brooks College, California. Her inimitable decor sensibilities drive the looks that The Home Label creates.  Check the promo below & visit the online store at : http://www.thehomelabel.com/


Check out some of Spotlight’s favourite picks from The Home Label below :


The best way to start the year is to start eating healthier. Help yourself to a large serving of that yummy salad with this pair of sleek and stylish servers!


Cushions that tell a story even while lazily resting against the wall, on a mattress thrown on the floor for an after party. Big bold prints have taken over the runways, gently making their way into home decor. Place this cushion on a big bright chair or on your bed covered with
a solid single colored bed sheet.


Whether you’re throwing a backyard bash or an evening soiree, a party without the right glasses is just incomplete. It’s time to make holiday entertaining, easy and fun with the company-ready accessories in The Home Label‘s party outdoor collection. Wine and
whiskey glasses, a champagne bucket and a beautiful antique tray!


Picture Credit : thehomelabel.com

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